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Hawkstone International 2015

Hawkstone International was the first time out for Verde Sports Racing with their new team; MX1 rider Josh Spinks and MX 2 Rider Jake Millward.  It was a cold, foggy Sunday morning but the crowds still turned up in droves.  The paddock was packed with spectators, all coming to see the stacked line up of GP riders.



Both Josh and Jake had a reasonable session, both getting a half decent lap in early on.  It was difficult in the fog and their goggles kept steaming up.  Josh finished 16th and Jake 15th, giving them both a half decent gate pick for their first races.


Race 1:

Jake got an excellent start to the first MX2 race, rounding the first corner in 3rd.  He soon settled into 7th place and held his own throughout the race.  He lost a couple of places in the last few laps when his goggles steamed up with the cold, but finished an excellent 9th place out of such a stacked pack of GP riders.

Josh came out of the gate mid pack but soon pushed on into 12th place in this first MX1 race.  A couple of mistakes mid stage of the race and major goggle issues, meant that he rode the last few laps goggle less , finishing in 16h place.

Race 2:

Jake didn’t get as good a start to the second MX2 race, coming round the first corner in 16th.  He pushed hard and fought his way through the pack, finishing a well deserved 11th place, despite having a puncture throughout most of the race.  This secured him a place in the super final and an excellent 9th overall for the day.

This time it was Josh’s turn to get a good start and he rounded the first corner of the second MX1 race in an excellent 6th place.  He kept a close distance to 5th for the first few laps before coming into a corner a bit too fast and stalling the bike.  This mistake lost his position in the stacked class, but he pushed hard and finished 13th place which secured him 13th overall for the day and a place in the super final.

Super Final:

It was great to have both riders in the Super Final at Hawkstone International.  An excellent race to watch with 10 GP riders out there racing alongside the best of Britain.  Both Jake and Josh got mid pack starts and were neck and neck throughout most of the race.  The track was rough and rutted but the fog had now lifted.  With more goggle issues and an eye full of sand, Josh finished 21st, just behind Jake who secured 20th place in the super final.  Josh was the 11th MX1 rider home and Jake the 9th MX.


An excellent start to the season with impressive results for both riders in their new team.  Both now know where they sit in the ranking and what they have to do to prepare for the first Maxxis in 5 weeks time.  The next race will see both riders on their race bikes as opposed to the stock practice bikes that they rode here today.


Quote From Josh Spinks:

Overall I was happy with how the day went considering I’ve been lacking bike time.


Quote from Jake Millward:

Really happy with today.  First time racing the KTM SX-F.  Showed good signs and hopefully on the race bike even better results will come.

Quote from Adrian Kirk:

A good weekend on a tough demanding track.  Both riders did exceptionally well and showed good pace and gave us a glimpse of what we are to expect.


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12 February 2015