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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 6 - Hawkstone Park 2018


A warm wet weekend was forecast for Hawkstone Park this past weekend for the ACU Maxxis British Championship.  Although it hammered it down on the Saturday night, it actually did the dry track some good and the rain stayed away for most of the Sunday race day.  All 3 riders were representing team Verde and all 3 riders are lovers of this Iconic Sand Track.



Dominic Lancett was first out.  The track was sloppy from the overnight rain but the conditions were dry in the sky.  Dominic put in a good first lap and secured 6th gate pick immediately.  He hoped to improve upon this but the ground was slippery and other riders were all over the place, making it difficult to pass and put in a full fast lap.  So he finished 6th fastest in qualification and held 6th gate pick for the first race.


Todd got his best time in the first lap which put him into 10th.  He held onto this throughout most of the qualification until another rider slotted a quick lap in late on which pushed Todd down to end up with 11th gate pick for the day.


Brad too got his fastest time in his first lap.  It was still slippery out there and riders were making it difficult still to pass so Brad struggled to improve upon this time.  So 10th gate pick for Brad for the day.



Despite a terrible jump out the gate and hauling up the start straight at the back, Dominic was up to 2nd place by the end of the first lap.  2nd place and closing on Rossi Beard.  Dominic got closer each lap but couldn’t quite catch the 250 rider.  But an excellent finish to Moto 1, with 2nd place out of all the 125 and 250 bikes.


Todd got the hole shot and was out front, till Conrad Mewes came past.  Todd held onto 2nd for a good few laps till Pocock made his way through.  So it was looking like a 3rd place finish for Todd Kellett until Josh Gilbert found his way through the pack to pass Todd with 2 laps to go.  So Moto 1, an excellent 4th place finish.  It looked like Todd had finally gelled with the bike and was enjoying the ride.


Brad got a reasonable jump out the gate and came round in 4th.  He was struggling with the bike today so after a battel with Krestinov and then Monticelli, he dropped back to 6th.  Searle then came flying through from the back, passed Brad, Montecelli went down, leaving Brad to finish Moto 1 in 6th place.  Brad wasn’t happy.



Dominic got a good jump.  Into 2nd, passing for 1st and then made a mistake.  Back up into 7th and going for it.  Then he had major mechanicals and had to retire from the race.  Dominic was not best pleased.  He was confident for the win and was disappointed to be out of the race.


Todd slotted himself between Martin Barr and Mel Pocock on the start gate which for this race wasn’t ideal.  A bit of Elbow clash with Barr put Kellett at the back of the pack coming towards the first corner.  He sat in 12th place.  The track was getting rough, just how Todd likes it, so he battled through picking them off and managed to finish Moto 2 in 10th place.


Brad didn’t get as good a jump out the gate and the race followed suit.  The leading pack got away and Ando wasn’t feeling on form and couldn’t catch the leading few.  Not ideal.  Brad Anderson finished Moto 2 in 8th Place.



Dominic’s start was terrible in his last race and his bad jump out the gate put him in 20th at the first corner.  However he was determined and within a few laps he had pulled through the pack to sit in 3rd place.  The track was getting rough and he just couldn’t get past Aaron Lee Hanson.  He tried every line going but had to settle for a very respectable and hard earned 3rd place finish.



2-0-3 for 6TH overall.  What a shame that there had been mechanicals in the 2nd race.  He was sure that he would have made the podium.  Now sitting in 6th place in the championship with 6 races left before the end of the season.  42 points behind a podium position means no more mechanicals and no more mistakes!  Definitely doable based on today’s performance.


4-10 for 6th overall.  An excellent first race but still no change in the Championship so Todd still sits in 8th place in the Maxxis.


6-8 for 8th overall.  Not the best of days for Brad.  He now sits in 9th in the Championship, just 3 points behind Gert Krestinov and 8 points behind Monticelli.  Onward and upward to the European in Bulgaria.


Quote from Dominic Lancett:

I enjoyed today.  I am happy with my riding and my results.  Really frustrated about the bike in the 2nd race, as I would have made the podium today.

Quote from Todd Kellett:

I had a steady day at Hawkstone Park and thoroughly enjoyed riding today.  P4 and P10 for P6 overall.

Quote from Brad Anderson:

I wasn’t myself today on the big 4 half.  I struggled all day and couldn’t find a rhythm at Hawkstone Park in the British.  Next Race is EMX300 in Bulgaria.  Back on the Two-Stroke.

Quote from Team Manager Adrian Kirk:

The day started out fantastic for a 2 – 4 – 6 place finishes.  Went a bit downhill with mechanicals for Dominic and Todd and Brad not having a fabulous 2nd Race.  But Dominic came back to a 3rd place finish in his 3rd race which turned the day back into a positive.  The ups and downs of motocross!


13 August 2018