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Michelin MX Nationals - Round 3 - Culham Park - 17th May 2015

Michelin MX Nationals - Round 3 - Culham Park - 17th May 2015


Culham Park, sat on the bank of the river Thames, held the 3rd round of the Michelin MX Nationals this weekend. A fabulously well run event on a gloriously sunny weekend. Top track with a new layout and excellently prepared. A good turn out with a packed paddock and a stacked Pro line up.


Saturdays Free Practice:

After a fun day full of races, the Pro MX1 and MX2's took to a rough and very rutted track to take a look at the new layout.

MX2 - Jake has always liked riding at Culham Park and thought the track flowed well.

MX1 - Josh too was really pleased with the track, although it was brand new to him. It was very rough and cut up, so he was looking forward to riding it again on Sunday morning when the track would be totally different again.

Sunday Pro Qualifying:

9.00am. Pro Practice. 29 mixed MX1 and MX2 riders together on a well graded track.

MX2 - Jake put a few early quick laps in and held his 2nd spot for most of the practice. Then a few laps before the end of this timed qualification, 2 other riders slotted in a quicker lap, pushing him back to 4th MX2, but with an 11th place gate pick for the day.

MX1 - Josh really enjoyed the ride and got consistently quick laps, holding on to his MX1 5th place position, with only one more second to put him into 3rd! So Josh got 5th fastest MX1 and 7th gate pick for the day.

Race 1:

After a relaxing morning chilling and watching a bit of racing from the 'up and coming’s' , it was time for Race one.  A full block of races had run since the qualification so it would be an enjoyable challenge for the Pro's to master the changes in the track so far.

MX2 - Jake got a good start coming through in 8th place amongst all the MX1 and MX2 riders but a couple of corners in, he got nudged into the bike in front - losing the front end. Then with another mistake in the opening lap, Jake found himself right at the back for a good 3 laps before managing to pick off the riders one by one. Although his lap times were consistently the second fastest MX2, behind Lenoir, he just couldn't quite catch the pack of Eccles, Harrison and Dixon - leaving him to finish 7th overall MX2 in this first race.

MX1 - Josh didn't get as good a start as he would have liked, coming round the corner in 9th position. But he had a good, solid, consistent ride as usual holding his 7th place MX1 throughout before moving into 6th place over Smith in the last lap.

Race 2:

The Pro race was right at the end of the full days racing and the track was rutted, rough and kicking up a lot of dust.

MX2 - Although Jake got out of the gate pretty handy, he and Davidson's bikes touched on the first bend pushing Jake back and leaving his bike stuck in 3rd gear for the whole race. He knuckled down, did what he had to do and still managed to finish a respectable 6th MX2 - giving him 5th overall on the day and retaining his 2nd place position in the championship.

MX1 - Josh got a pretty handy start too, rounding the first corner in 6th spot. Yet again he was very consistent, smooth and in control and held his position all through the race. He made a pass on Barr half-way through the race, moved in to 5th and remained there until finish. He was 6th overall on the day and retained his 5th place position in the championship.


A mixed day for Verde Sports Racing with pleasing results in the end.  Josh was very smooth and consistent with excellent results in such a stacked class of 450 riders, but he needs to get better starts to move further up the championship table.  Jake's day didn't go too well. Two offs in the first race made it near impossible to catch up and then in the 2nd race, being stuck in gear the whole race prevented him from showing full form over the weekend.  However both riders retained their position in the championship: Jake 2nd overall MX2 and Josh 5th overall MX1. Let's see if they can improve upon this at the next round, on a sand track at Weston Super Mare. 



'Tough weekend's racing and with no luck on my side. Getting a really good start and crashing twice in the first one and having to pull back through the pack was really hard. Then snapping my gear lever in a first corner collision in the second race. Having to race the whole 35 minutes in 3rd gear wasn't ideal whatsoever either! Still managed to come away with 4th on the weekend and remaining 2nd in the championship. Bring on round 4.' 


Quote from JOSH SPINKS:


Happy with 2 solid results for 6th overall today. Starts need to improve to work my way further up.  Bikes awesome. Had a great weekend.


Quote from Team Manager, ADRIAN KIRK:

The overall results from the weekend were pretty good with both riders retaining their position in the championship.  However, both riders know that they can do more and will need to do so to keep their positions when racing at Weston Super Mare in two weeks time.



19 May 2015