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MX Nationals - Round 1 - Preston Docks 2017


Last weekend Preston Docks hosted the 1st round of the UK MX Nationals. The sun shone on in Lancashire on Sunday and the crowds flocked in to watch a stack pack of pro riders on a mean, deep rutted track. Both riders put in two good solid races but it was Jake who made the podium, taking home a comfortable 2nd overall.


Both MX1 and MX2 went out together but would be scored independently. The track was deep and soft, but hard beneath. It cut up due to the previous weeks torrential rain and soon became deep and very rough. 

MX 2

Twenty Three 250CC riders out to compete for the days gate position.  Jake got a good 2nd lap in before riders started to fall and block the track, as did Brad Todd and Mel Pocock. Micky Eccles and Lewis Tombs tried hard to get a good time in laps 4 and 5 but neither came close. Jake set the second fastest lap time in MX2, so got 4th overall gate pick for the day.


Brad also got a good fast time in his 2nd lap but unfortunately didn’t hold his spot. In lap 4 Elliot Banks-Brown matched his time and then in later laps Martin Barr, Graeme Irwin and Kristian Whatley managed to improve upon them all.

Brad just couldn’t get a clear run. Each time he got going he came across yellow flags and riders on the floor, so he settled for 5th fastest MX1 rider.

Race 1

The tractor went out prior to the first pro race and levelled out some of the roughest areas. The sun was still out and the track was drying out nicely.


Jake got a pretty good jump amongst the MX2 riders and was soon in 3rd place. After a few laps Mel Pocock took the lead and Mickey Eccles came from the back through to 2nd. This pushed Jake back to 4th. He was stuck behind Brad Todd on a narrow track and just couldn’t get past.  Then with just a few laps to go, Jake found a way through and was away chasing down Mickey Eccles. He soon got passed and was closing on Pocock but there just wasn’t enough time. Jake finished 2nd in race 1. An excellent start to the series.


Brad didn’t get as a good a start against the stacked pack of MX1 riders. However, he was soon sat in 4th place behind Martin Barr, Steven Lenoir and Elliot Banks Brown. Brad sat in 4th for a good few laps then arm pump got the better of him.  Irwin moved on in, battled and made a pass.  As Irwin got away Whatley started to gain and soon found a way through too. Brad just couldn’t shake off the arm pump on this now rough track and finished a comfortable 6th in Race 1.

Race 2

The sun was still out, the track was dry but very rough and cross rutted.


Another relatively good start but being mixed up amongst the pack of MX1 riders made it very difficult for Jake make any kind of ground. He may have been 4th MX2 but he was still in the middle of the whole pack, with plenty of MX1 riders blocking the path.

The track was rough and difficult to pass. Then Mickey Eccles, who was up front, made a mistake and Jake moved into 3rd. Gilbert had a clear run out front and Jake tried to chase Pocock down. It was a tough, rough, rutted race and Jake couldn’t quite close the gap on Mel to move into 2nd. Jake finished 3rd MX2 in Race 2.


Brad didn’t get a fabulous start but managed to pull through to 4th place in the first lap. He started to close the gap on Whatley but Krestinov was giving him a challenge and about halfway through the race, it all changed. Lenoir’s bike went and he had to pull out of the race (from his previous pole position.) Krestinov made a move and passed both Brad and Whatley, moving into 2nd behind Irwin. Brad was struggling to find good lines and close as he might on Whatley he just couldn’t find a way through, Brad ended race 2 in 4th place.


Overall it was a tough day for Ando but success shone on Jake.


Jake finished the first round of the MX Nationals with a 2-3 giving him 2nd overall and a pro podium.  Not a bad start to the series.


Brad didn’t have such a good day. He claimed a 6-4 giving him 5th overall, just 3 points behind 3rd place position!

Quote from Jake Millward:

Was a good weekend for me at the 1st round of the MX Nationals,  having a 2nd in moto 1 and a 3rd in moto 2, to give me second overall and yet another pro podium. Massive thanks to the whole Verde team who work their butts off every week getting the bikes looking and performing amazing and everyone else who supports me and the team.

Quote from Brad Anderson:

Tough day at the docks 1st round of the MX nationals qualifying 5th. First race not the best of starts. Came through in the first lap to 4th then the dreaded arm pump kicked in and lost two places for 6th. Race two feeling loads better about 10th of the start and worked my way up to 4th on a tough track. Ended 5th overall which I am not happy about but at least I am healthy ready for Lyng next weekend - thanks to all my team Verde sports ktm.

Quote from A. Kirk:

Jake showed he could battle, especially in the first race. A good start to his campaign and an excellent confidence booster. Brad struggles with arm pump today which is a rarity, but a couple of good solid rides sets him high up the championship table, just 3 points off 3rd place! 

07 April 2017