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Verde Grass Bond 5 litres

A 5 litre tin of all–weather adhesive for an all over stick to cured concrete. 

Covers approximately 10–12 sq.metres.

Price £65.00


  • For bonding artificial grass to solid substrates.
  • Can also be used to bond a wide range of materials to various foams.
  • Flexible weather resistant bonds.


  • Base should be clean, dry, cured & smooth
  • Easily spreadable by brush or trowel
  • High tack allows application to one surface only (usually the sub–base)
  • Curing is rapid – do not delay in bringing surfaces together (max 15 mins)
  • Ideally roll or weight the top surface for 2 hours whilst adhesive is drying


  • For all over bonding artificial grass to hard surfaces
  • Easy spreading with hand trowel
  • Secure weather resistant bond
  • High initial grab