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Verdeluxe has a tufted construction with a combination of low friction polyethylene and hardwearing polypropylene yarns. Verdeluxe has a multi–length, two tone pile which provides a non–abrasive surface that is extremely realistic in appearance.

Verdeluxe was designed specifically in 2004 for gardens and play areas. It conforms to safety regulations when combined with our specialist Verde ProPlay ShockPad.


  • Lawns
  • Schools
  • Exhibitions
  • Roof Gardens
  • Patios
  • Play Areas
  • Display Areas
  • Chipping Greens
  • Balconies
  • Nurseries
  • Film/Photoshoots
  • Putting Green Surrounds
  • Installation

    Verdeluxe has an optional sand dressing of 8kg per sq.metre. If installed over an unbound surface as a lawn, the low sand infill will hold the grass in place without being seen (see installation guide). 
    If fitted as a roof garden, the strong polypropylene base fibres ensure that the soft pile remains uncrushed without the use of a sand infill.

    Technical Specification

    Pile Height: 28 mm Multi Length
    Colour: Two–Tone Green
    Gauge: 3/8
    Width: 2m or 4m
    Weight: 2.75 kg per square metre
    Description: A hybrid of knit–de–knit and monofilament yarns
    Yarn: 2 x knit–de–knit polypropylene & 1 x monofilament yarns
    Guarantee: 5 years. Conditions apply
    Life Expectancy: 10 years+ in the UK – subject to installation and application