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Helping a family using Verdelawn

This is a lovely story sent in by one of our happy customers, Gale Sagar, who recently purchased Verdelawn for her garden...

"Following two years of fundraising by our lovely friends and family... including a sky dive, coast to coast cycle ride, Winnersh (just outside London) to Bamber Bridge Cycle ride, 10km runs........ and much much more, we are proud to say that the monies raised have enabled us to transform our inaccessible garden to an accessible one for our 3 year old severely disabled son, Elliot. 

Elliot was born with Angelman Syndrome, a rare genetic condition which leaves him with delayed development, the inability to speak, epilepsy, hyperactivity and feeding difficulties. He is not yet walking but with lots of encouragement and help from physio and family we are hoping he will. Elliot will need lifelong 24 hour a day care.

He absolutely loves being outdoors and making the garden a safe accessible place for him to play was a priority for us. We feel he can have independence and remain safe in the new garden. Many thanks to Verde Sports for supplying the grass, it is awesome!!"

We are so happy to have helped Elliot and hope it brings many years of fun for all the family! The pictures show what a transformation the garden has undertaken to provide a safer environment for Elliot.

08 November 2013