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Landmark Yorkshire Install Verde Artificial Grass at Chevin School

One of our Accredited Installers, Landmark Yorkshire , has recently undertaken an install of artificial grass at Chevin School. The school encountered a common problem in many schools – the old natural turf was tired, worn out and patchy and this made it hard in summer and not very pleasant to fall on or play on. With the constant rain, the areas turned to mud which in turn limited the childrens play time, and this wasn't fun for mum who has to wash uniforms every night after school! Verdelawn was an obvious solution to turn the play areas into a year round soft, green and child friendly space. On hotter days of the year it also makes a fab outdoor classroom – and this freshens up teaching time for kids and staff alike. The artificial grass has proved to be a sound investment and as a result the playground at Chevin School is now a safe, happy and stimulating environment. Verde Sports also have a wide range of funky coloured artificial grass – Groovy Grass – to brighten up the school playground.

12 February 2013