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Public Schools Get The Verde Sports Cricket Treatment

2012 has seen two major public schools install quadruple bay cricket practice areas. Bryanston School had four lanes of their grass nets adjacent to the 1st xi square converted to four "Premier" system batting ends along with bowling ends and surround surfacing and an 18.30m long permanent frame. What was expected to be a very straight forward project was complicated and delayed by the heavy rain which totalled over 10 inches in the area during the duration of the construction. Bradfield College was a very different proposition. They already had four synthetic turf batting and bowling ends which were orientated such that balls were hit out towards the square preventing use whilst games were being played. The proposal was to turn the facility through 90 degrees and install a permanent frame and surround surfacing. The fall on the site was far greater than ECB recommendations resulting in a need for a cut of in excessive of 1.2m at the batting end in order to create a fall of 1:100 along the length. Again heavy rains caused delays in July but by the end of August the school had a four lane area of "Premier" systems with surround surfacing extending to an overall length of 33m and a 21.96m long frame. For more information on our Cricket Systems Please click HERE

02 October 2012