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Red & Black Groovy Grass Used at London Festival Of Architecture

Red & Jet Black Groovy Grass was specified to be used in a folly for the London Festival of Architecture. Nicholas Kirk Architects have designed a project that augments reality whereby visitors enter into an environment that does not quite appear as it should. The architecture creates an illusion whereby perspective views are distorted inside the space and scale and proportion are challenging the senses. The pavilion is designed to encourage play and performance and coincide with the over arching themes of both the London Festival of Architecture (the Playful City) and activities that will take place at The London Pleasure during the summer of 2012, held at the Old Docks, opposite the Olympic Sailing Site. Groovy Grass is available in a range of vibrant colours to suit each individual project / theme. Please Contact Us to request samples. Credit to Robin Hayes for use of the images

28 July 2012