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Golf Short Game Area In Back Garden

One of our customers decided to turn their garden, which had been ruined by his son, from a muddy mess into an area for practising his golf!

Over the course of 12 months, when time and money could permit, the area was transformed and Mr Blair can now practice his short game in the comfort of his own home (garden). 

Using Super Verdeturf for putting, he complemented this with Verde TeeTurf, which he describes as "the long artificial grass which you really have to hit hard to release the ball out" and the non infill Super Verde Tee Turf, described as "like a fairway, bouncy and lush". 

The finished installation incorporates five zones for five holes and looks fantastic!  A credit to Mr Blair for his efforts and patience in undertaking this project.  He joked "I now need to use it to try and get the handicap down further.  BBQ next summer for the inaugural 'Short Games Olympics'."




18 October 2013