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Skelmersdale Cricket Club's Practice facilities undergo complete overhaul!

Following the move to the Blagaugate Lane Ground Skelmersdale Cricket Club had a double bay facility installed. Over the years this had fallen into dis-repair and the lack of surfacing between the strips had caused problems with maintenance under the netting. It was decided to replace this with a new triple bay facility with surround surfacing and a perimeter fence encompassing synthetic turf run ups and in August Verde Sports Cricket Ltd were given the go ahead to commence the project which would consist of three 24m playing strips and surround surfacing to a total area of 33.00 x 13.00m. Although the existing facility had been cut into the banking the gradient was in excess of ECB recommendations and therefore the site was stripped and re-graded cutting further into the banking at the southern end so as to accommodate the length without encroaching into the boundary. Two Premier systems and one Test Match system were chosen for the playing strips in order to cater for all sections of the club. This was complimented by an 18.30m long frame with 3.60m wide bays, in accordance with ECB recommendations, and the whole facility surrounded by 2.44m high Barker Bronze sports fencing.

09 December 2011