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The History of the Verde Winter Tee – Keep your course open all year with Verde

In December 1988 Verde�s first Winter Tee Kit was installed by a fitting team who didn't play golf! Oh what fun they had! They didn�t even know where each green was! Verde soon learnt their lesson by concentrating on manufacture, design and development and therefore created products which could easily be installed by the grounds staff themselves. The Verde Winter Tee Kit was supplied ready for self installation, and included every component, right down to the last galvanised nail. The kit incorporated an insert for both left and right handed players and each section of the kit was individually replaceable, meaning that many kits are still in use 2 decades later! By 1991 the ***Three Star Golf Mat was being supplied to numerous courses as a portable alternative for the winter tee. However, the ideal spot for positioning this �temporary tee� was often on uneven or sloping ground. So the Verde Tee Frame was born � a raised steel platform which not only incorporated the ***Three Star Golf Mat but had fully adjustable legs�an excellent solution to this problem. The construction quality wasn�t dissimilar to that of a JCB�it was strong, robust and would take any weight. The box section legs were overly substantial and the mat was held in place with a steel picture frame lid and 5� bolts. A portable tee was created which had excellent playing characteristics, was fully adjustable in height, was extremely substantial and due to its weight, offered a reduced risk of theft. The only problem was that it lasted too long��! Soon after the turn of the century, there became a requirement for an artificial tee that would take a tee peg from any position, without the need to incorporate rubber tees or slots. Verde took this challenge on board. A number of designs were put to the test and in 2004 the Verde TeeTurf was launched. This unique tee came as a self install product which allowed the club to build a tee three times the size of an average driving mat at the same cost! It also had the added benefit of either taking a standard tee peg from any position or allowing you to drive through the Artificial Grass, if preferred. The surface was comfortable under foot, could be used throughout the year and was natural in appearance. This unique construction has a thatched base that prevents the sand/rubber infill from compacting and a hardwearing monofilament straight yarn that is more robust that any of its competitor�s versions. Within the first 6 months the Verde TeeTurf had numerous sales in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales with repeat orders coming in fast and furious. By 2006 the Verde TeeTurf had sold to a further 8 countries, including far away places such as New Zealand. Verde never stand still. New products are always being designed and tested behind the scenes. They are in their 23rd year in business and are proud to say that all products are manufactured in the UK, and where possible, using British raw materials. Those which are not currently British, are sourced in Europe and will be transferred to British production as soon as possible. Verde aim to be a totally UK manufacturing company by the end of 2010. For more information on any of our products please find more details on our product pages on the website or feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

19 October 2010