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Keep your Festive Drinks Cool

Keep your Festive Drinks Cool with Verde's new drinks cooler. We have quality cooler tables that are made in the UK. You won’t find anything else on the market like us! 4-in-1 Design, our coolers are also a table, ice bucket, chopping board and sink.

We know how it feels to drink a warm beer at someones party, it’s just not acceptable! And if you’re anything like us, an ugly flexi tub in the corner of the kitchen filled with ice just wont cut it! The insulated walls and bamboo lid ensure your drinks stay cold for 16+ hours with a good chunk of ice.

Serve drinks in style, the party tray insert allows you to chill a bottle on ice & still have surface room for glasses! There is also a Bamboo chopping board lid which is perfect for prepping food by the BBQ. The cooler & party tray are weatherproof, they won't rust, rot or fade. All we say is keep the chopping board indoors! When the party is over and you've got the job of tidying, just unscrew the plug and drain the water away. 

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06 December 2019