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EMX2t - R5 - Kegums Latvia - 2019


R5 of the EMX2t took Ando out to Kegums in Latvia.  There was just one week between the two rounds, which meant a lot of travelling.  Ando’s health suffered as he picked up a bug somewhere along the way, which zapped his energy levels hugely.  Brad and his mechanic flew out, whilst team manager Adrian Kirk and his wing man, Matt Hunt, drove the bikes out for the event.



Brad was struggling from the outset and this showed in his timed practice.  He struggled to match the fast pace of Bengtson, Kras and Lusbo.  His fastest time was over 2 seconds slower than all 3 riders.  He just didn’t have the energy levels to push.


Brad got an excellent start and hole shot the race.  He stayed out front for the first 5 laps until Bengtson found a way past.  Brad managed to hold off Kras for another 2 laps but his energy levels then started to drain away.  He maintained 3rd place until lap 12 when his lap times then started to drop with Brad finishing the race 7 seconds a lap slower than when he started it.  Some say that this is expected but it was unusual for Brad.  Kellett and Lusbo obviously got past leaving Brad drained of energy and coming home 5th place in Moto 1.


Brad entered race 2 still leading the championship but now he was only 2 points clear of Kras.  Brad was determined to gain the points back that he had suffered in Moto 1 and did an excellent job of getting the hole shot once again.  Race 2 was very similar to race 1, with Bengtson and Kras getting past in the 6th lap and Lusbo finding a way through in lap 10.  However, despite feeling drained he managed to keep relatively consistent times for the rest of the race, and held Kellett off till the end.  So Brad finished Moto 2 in 4th place.


5-4 for 5th overall.  Really not what Brad had wanted or anticipated.  He lost 4 more points in the 2nd moto and the red plate to go with it.  Brad now sits second in the Championship, two points behind Mike Kras.  The trip to Russia, back to the North of England and back out to Latvia within a week had really taken its toll on Brad.  Somewhere along the line he had picked up a bug which zapped his energy levels leaving him drained before he even went out to race.  Once back in the UK it took well over a month for Brad to regain his fitness.


Glad to finish the weekend as I have been bad since Wednesday, having no energy at all.  2 points behind in the championship with 2 rounds to go.  A big thankyou to all the team for helping out this past couple of weeks in order to make the trip to Russia and Latvia possible.


It has been a tough couple of weeks for Brad and his energy levels are shot at.  Getting two hole shots showed just how determined he is to keep the lead in the Championship.  Time to rest up and recover for the next round which is 2 months away in Imola, Italy.

16 August 2019