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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 2 - Canada Heights 2016


The second round of the ACU MAXXIS British Championship was at Canada Heights, down in Swanley, Kent.  Jake was up for it, whereas Ando was a little cautious as he had been suffering from a back injury for the past few weeks. 


The track was prepped well and the overnight down pour of rain actually did it some good.

MX 1 – Brad rode a little cautious, testing his back’s response to the track.  He got a good first lap in but only managed to secure a 13th place on the gate.

MX 2 – Jake also got his best lap in early, whilst the track was clear.  He got a cracking time and ended up qualifying 7th place, in a stacked class or MX2 riders.

Race 1:

MX 1 – Brad got a good jump out the gate but his clutch slipped and the bike just couldn’t get up the hill, so he rounded the first bend 2nd from the back of the pack.  Despite the clutch, Brad’s not a quitter, so he managed to push forward into 19th by the end of the first lap.  It was tough to pull through the pack and the clutch just wasn’t right, but he managed to pick the riders off one by one, finishing a respectable 10th place in race one.

MX 2 – Jake got the hole shot and held his own up front for the first 3 laps.  Brian McKenzie then managed to make a pass, but didn’t hold on to the front for long, before Steven Clarke came charging through into first, soon followed by Martin Barr who moved into 2nd.  This left Jake chasing behind these leading 3, in a comfortable 4th place position.  The pack of 4 then took off and left the rest of the pack behind.  Jake had a clear run in 4th until 2 laps from the end when James Dunn started to close.  But Jake had ridden a strong race so far and wasn’t going to give up his position to anybody, so he dug in hard and managed to keep a good distance ahead of Dunn.  So Jake Millward 303 came home a comfortable and well deserved 4th place in the ACU Maxxis British Championship, scoring 18 points.

Race 2:

MX 1 – A good start for Brad this time, 3rd out the gate and up there with the GP boys, Searle, Simpson and Nicholls.  Lenoir managed to make an early leaving Brad in 5th and battling with Irwin for a good few laps.  It was only in the last 10 minutes, of this 25 + 2 minute race, that Krestinov caught the Ando up and pushed him back into 7th place.  Brad remained solid in this position so finished the race in 7th place, securing 7th overall for the day.

MX 2 – Another excellent race for Jake Millward.  5th out the gate and up front with the likes of Steven Clarke, Bryan McKenzie and Martin Barr once again.  Jake struggled in this second race to keep the pace and Mel Pockock, Neville Bradshaw and Adam Sterry made their passes early on.  Jake hung on to the back of Sterry but fatigue settled in and he lost a few more places, finishing 11th in this 2nd moto.  However, an excellent overall for Jake and his best over finish in the Maxxis.  6th place overall just isn’t bad at all.


So not a bad days riding for the team.  Brad finishing 7th overall and Jake finishing 6th overall in the ACU Maxxis British Championship.  Brad was still carrying a back injury which hindered his performance a little but Jake had a mega first race and a pretty decent second race too.

MX1 – A good overall for the Ando today but not the best days riding with the niggling back injury giving him some jip.  7th overall was still pretty decent and the points enabled him to move up the championship table into 9th position.  Just 19 points sitting between Ando 60 and 3rd place in the ACU Maxxis British Championship.  A tough call but Ando doesn’t give up easily so roll on Round 3 at Hawkstone Park, one of Ando’s favourite tracks.

MX 2 - With Jake having such an excellent first race he managed to secure 6th overall for the day.  This did his overall position in the championship a massive boost and pushed him up from 11th place, following Lyng, to 7th place in the ACU Maxxis British Championship.  Now on joint points with Neville Bradshaw who sits in 6th.  A tough 23 points to catch up to 3rd place and 24 points to win.  A lot of work therefore to do before the next round at one of Jakes favourite tracks to, Hawkstone Park.

Quote from Brad Anderson:

Not the results I had hoped for today.  A good solid second race but I just wasn’t fully fit.  Just 19 points to catch that 3rd place position and get back on top of that podium.  Hawkstone …..

Quote from Jake Millward:

Fantastic first race, two mega starts.  Just got tired in the 2nd moto and by the time I pushed passed the fatigue it was too late in the race to make up enough positions.

Quote from Team Manager, Adrian Kirk:

Some good starts and an excellent first moto for Jake.  Would have like a little more consistency but I am sure that will come.  7th and 9th in the Championship is pretty good and there are 6 more rounds still to go.

13 May 2016