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Guest rider at MX Nationals- Rnd 6 Culham Park

MX Nationals- Round 6 Culham Park - 24/08/14

Tom Duddle, owner of POA Racing wanted to try out the new MX National race series so we invited him to join Verde Sports racing for the weekend and work out of the awning.  Not only was it Toms first MX National but it was his first time riding on the track at Culham Park. Tom rode in the
clubmans class and here is how his weekend went. 

Qualifying : 

Tom set out to learn the technical track, he set off keen but cautious in timed practice.  He rode well but found it hard to remember the layout beyond the top of each blind uphill section of the track. However he was exceptionally pleased with 20th best time in a class of 33 riders.

Race 1 :

Out of the gate mid pack, Tom rounded the first corner in 19th place.  He sat tight over the whole race until 3 laps from the end, his bike " malfunctioned " and Tom lost 3 places. He finished the race in a respectable 22nd place, just missing out on some points. 

Race 2 : 

What an excellent start for Tom in race 2, 10th round the first turn all set for a good race ahead. But it was not meant to be, as Tom passed the PA van on the first lap he suffered another bike "malfunction" and lost a hand full of places as he struggled to re-start the bike. Once he got going again, with 4 minutes to go, Tom got a jump all wrong and was spat over the handle bars. But not to be defeated he dusted himself off and saw the race out.  He was in 26th place before he took a tumble and managed to finish the race in 30th place. 

Race 3 : 

Duddle was sore from his crash in race 2 but he decided to ride in race 3.  By this point the track was extremely rough, but Tom rode steady trying to avoid any crashes and finished the race in 26th place. 

Race 4 : 

By this point Tom was pretty tired after a long weekend on a high level track.  He didn't get the best of starts but he got his head down and finished his last race in 24th position after a tough weekend. 

Overall :

Tom finished the weekend in 29th place overall despite a big fall in the second race.  He certainly had a good experience having the chance to ride such a rough and demanding track.  He really enjoyed his weekend and also got to watch the MX1 and MX2 pro classes, which was a bonus. 

Quote From Adrian Kirk : 

It was a pleasure to have Tom under the awning this weekend and to introduce him to Culham Park.  He has been a great help and I hope he managed to pick up some tips from watching the Pro races. 

Quote from Tom Duddle :

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend.  The track was challenging and hard to ride but I am glad to have had the opportunity to ride here at Culham Park

28 August 2014