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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 1 - Culham 2018


A cold wet windy weekend put doubt on the running of the ACU Maxxis British Championship at Culham.  But luckily the track had been sealed, the wind dried out the paddock and the sun shone through on a dry Easter Sunday morning.  Racing was on.


The track was going to be rough but it was racing and the riders couldn’t wait to kick off the British Championship.


It was a tight group.  3 riders were in a league of their own in qualification and then only 1 ½ seconds separated the next 14 riders.  Todd took it easy, finding his way and searching for ever changing lines.  He got a good time early on and ended with 13th fastest lap in qualification.


Another tough group.  Brad got an early quick lap in but he was soon pushed down the pecking order.  Then on lap 4, Brad put in another quick lap and moved into 4th fastest, just a second between the top 4 runners, then another 4 seconds before the rest of the pack of 40 riders.  It was getting rough now so it would suit Brad for when the racing starts.



A full gate of 40.  The track had dried out and was now really rough.  Todd got a bad start and was back in at least 15th.  He settled for a couple of laps until he found his rhythm and started picking the riders off one by one, soon he was in 13th, then up to 9th.  He was chasing hard behind Martin Barr, who then took Tombs and moved up to 7th.  Todd felt confident although a little bit rusty.  Finally finished 9th place in Moto 1.


Brad didn’t get a good jump out of the gate but he didn’t half haul down the start straight and came round the first bend neck to neck with Kristian Whatley.  Whatley got the lead but not for long.  Ando’s fitness showed and he soon pulled a clear lead.  Irwin saw it then as a battle of the KTM’s and chased Brad down soon taking the lead and pulling away.  Jake Nichols was Brad’s next contestant and Brad held him off until 2 laps from the end when arm pump kicked in, so he let Nichols battle with Irwin and brad took a happy safe 3rd place in Moto 1.



A fabulous start for Todd. Round the 1st corner in 4th.  Pushing hard with plenty of speed and comfortably sat in 6th.  Then on a rough uphill he landed hard and bashed his chest hard on the handle bars which winded him badly.  Luckily no broken bones but unfortunately Todd had to retire from the race with no points.


A good start for Brad rounding the bend in 6th place.  Nichols made a mistake allowing Brad to move into 5th place chasing down Monticelli.  Try as he might Brad just couldn’t find a way past.  Backmarkers were everywhere.  Nichols however didn’t find a way through which pushed Brad back into 6th.  Brad chased hard on the heal of Monticelli for 4 laps, with no joy so settled for 6th place in Moto 2.



Todd showed he had speed and determination but a knock in Moto 2 shook him up a bit but like riding a bike, the first round of the Maxxis is now down and his first knock since his accident over and done with.  With a 9 – 39 he came away in round one with 12 points and 14th place.


3-6 for a 4th overall at the first round of the Maxxis British Championship.  Brad was happy with his speed and showed that he is still on the pace and capable of running up front.  35 points is a good start to the season.


It has been and up and down day today.  I showed that I had got speed which is a positive to take away.  Just need more bike time now.  Roll on Round 2.


Good start to the British championship.  Conditions were good with all the rain they have had. My speed is there.  Going to be some good racing between us this year.


A good start to the season.  Brad showed he has still got the speed and determination to win.  Todd too showed he has got speed but still needs some more bike time to get him back to where he knows he should be.  With 3 weeks off the next round and an EMX250 round in Portugal in between, we should be seeing a different Todd at Canada Heights.

02 April 2018