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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 1 - Hilton Park 2015

Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 1 - Hilton Park 19/03/2015

After a long off season, both the team and the riders where counting down the days to get back racing the Maxxis British Championship. Round one being held at a new track for the 2015 calendar, Hilton Park in Wolverhampton. 


MX2 - Jake didn't have the best run out as he struggled to get a clear lap. But he managed to get 20th gate pick which was ok but he would have liked a better time in the hope to get a better start. 

MX1 - Josh managed to set a good lap early on in the session amongst some of the top riders. Eventually his time got pushed back a little giving him 14th gate pick. 

Race 1: 

MX2- Unfortunately the first race of the day got off to a awful start. Fellow rider, Mel Pocock had a horrible crash. After four laps the race was red flagged. The riders sat in the waiting zone whilst Mel was waiting for treatment and it took a while for the race to re start. When the race finally took place, Jake got a terrible start, being squashed out on the first corner. He push on for the first few laps up to 14th place only to be taken out by another rider. After freeing his bike, he was left in 28th position. Jakes fitness came into play and he managed to gain some pace finally finishing in 17th place gaining a few valuable points.

MX1- After a good start, Josh soon ran into trouble with two riders crashing in front of him resulting in Josh going down with them. He picked him self up again and got going from dead last only to run into another issue a lap later, getting a rock jammed in the chain causing him to crash again. After regrouping and pushing on Josh managed to finish the race in 16th place, giving him confidence for race 2 after such a unlucky race. 

Race 2:

MX2-The second race started off slightly better, Jake came round the first corner mid pack. He pushed hard the whole race, just making one mistake on the last lap but came over the finish line in 13th spot. Due to the severity of Mels injury the meeting was cut down to just 2 races. Despite this Jake managed to secure 16th overall which we thought was great for his first meeting getting used to the new bike. 

MX1- Josh got an average start coming around the first corner just inside the top 20, not crashing this time he managed to consistently pick through the pack and bring it to the flag in a fantastic 10th place. With 12th place overall this is a excellent start to the year and championship. 


All in all it was a good days racing for the team. Both Riders achieved good results and rode steady. It was a unfortunate day, with sadness all around the paddock after the severity of Mel Pococks injury. Both the team and the riders send our best wishes to Mel, his family and the team. We wish him a speedy recovery. 

Quote from Jake Millward: 

I am pleased with how today has gone but know I can do better results wise and we can be in the top if I can get a better start. 

Quote from Josh Spinks: 

I am happy with my results leading into round 2 at Lyng. A top 10 is great to build on. 

Quote from the team: 

Both riders showed great speed this weekend and we are pleased to have them home safely after a very unfortunate weekend for injuries and bad luck!

Of course there has been a media frenzy regarding the Maxxis British Championship this week after the weekends events. As a team we all feel the the Championship needs to take certain steps in moving forward to improve what should be the BEST event in the Country. Riders safety should be paramount! All involved know how dangerous the sport can be but it is expected that if a rider needs help, they should be treated in the appropriate manner. 

As for the venue and the paddock, it wasn't the best. Again to be the most prestige championship in the UK the venues should be at the best tracks and be able to host the teams trucks/awnings that we spend a lot of time and money on to look the part. 

Lets hope round 2 next month at Lyng turns things around with a step in the right direction. 

20 March 2015