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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 2 - Lyng 2017


The 2nd Round of the Maxxis ACU British Championship was held this weekend at Lyng, a fabulous track down in Norfolk.  The crowds turned out in droves, the weather was fabulous and sunny, the team were in good spirits and the riders felt on form.  However, the racing didn’t quite go to plan.


The track had been well prepared and was in excellent condition as usual.  It rode well although it was a bit dry and when the soft stuff cut up, it was pretty hard and slippery in sections beneath. 


Jake enjoyed the practice.  The track felt mint.  It was a bit slippery in places but it suited him well.  He slotted in a quick first lap which put him straight into 5th position and he held this spot throughout the session.  So 5th gate pick for the day.  It was a good start and it showed he had got the speed.


Not quite as good a session for Brad.  The track was pretty hard and slippery now that the loose sand had cleared in places.  On one quick lap he came off, on another he stalled and then on a third a rider help him up.  But his third lap was his best and he managed a 9th gate pick for the day.

Race 1:


A good start to Race 1 for young Jake Millward.  Round the first bend in to a comfortable 5th place in a very stacked pack of riders.  He chased hard behind Brad Todd and eventually passed him into 4th place.  Then his front end slipped and Jake lost a lot of places.  The bars were twisted making it hard to ride.  He held tight and made his way back into 13th place.  A disappointed 1st Race but scoring points always counts in the Championship Standings.


A good start for Brad Anderson.  5th place and looking strong.  The front 3 riders got a clean break leaving Brad chasing down Elliot Banks-Browne who sat in 4th.  Whatley tried to catch but Brad just kept widening the gap between them.  Then disaster struck. His back break seal went and things started to go wrong.  He immediately lost places to Whatley, Kullas and Grestinov.  Brad was determined to finish the race but had to ride cautious (Brad style). Unfortunately he had to let another couple of riders pass him on the last lap giving Brad a 10th place race finish in Race 1.  Not ideal but points scored and ready for race 2.

Race 2:


Jake got an excellent jump out of the gate in Race 2, coming round in 5th place behind Watson, Kullas, Pocock and Barr.  He quickly moved into 3rd place and then a rider hit Jake and totally wiped him out!  Jake managed to get back on the bike but was now right back in last place with a lot of ground between him and the front pack of riders.  The track was very fast and narrow with few places to make passes.  Jake managed to pull back from 38th to 21st.  Not a great way to finish the day.  No points scored.


Brad’s start wasn’t quite as good in Race 2 and he came up the start straight in 8th.  Within the first lap he found his way through to 6th behind Ashley Wilde.  Ashley was not for letting Brad past and it took the first half of the race for him to find a way through into 5th.  By this time the front four, Krestinov, Irwin, Nicholls and Lenoir were way ahead.  There was no way that Brad could make up sufficient ground to catch.  So Brad rode the 2nd half of the race in a comfortable 5th place, holding off Whatley to the end.



Overall this was one of the worst days racing results in Jake's career, with a 13 – 21 to give him an 18th overall.  Jake's lack of points cost him dearly in the Championship and he slipped from 6th place down to 11th.


Brad finished with a 10 – 5 to give him a 7th overall.  This wasn’t ideal but he still managed to hang on to his 4th place position in the Championship.  Today has made it much harder work to climb into 3rd place in the Championship as the gap between him and Steven Lenoir is now far greater.  However, Ando is a fighter so I am sure he will pull something out of the bag at Canada Heights in just 3 weeks’ time.

Quote from Jake Millward:

Qualifying went well getting 5th fastest lap time, which was good as I am never usually up there in qualifying.  Got an ok start in the 1st race and passed a few into 5th.  On the 4th lap I crashed and dropped way back down the order, riding with a bent up bike.  I managed to pull back to 13th.

Last race I got a really good start.  I was in 3rd when an out of control rider wiped me out!  I was dead last with a big gap between me and the guy in front.  Came back to 21st which isn’t ideal at all but got 3rd fastest lap of the race.  So some positives to take away.

Quote form Brad Anderson:

Lyng, Round 2 of the British Championship.  Had difficulty getting a fast lap in for qualifying and ended up 7th.  First race wasn’t a good start but came through to 5th and was chasing down 4th when my back brake seal went and I came off trying hard to get some points. I kept going and ended up 10th.  In the second race I got out the start better and was coming through.  It took me ages to pass a rider and the front few had gone.  I ended up 5th.  Still sitting in 4th overall in the championship.  Thanks to team Verde Sports.  Looking forward to Valkenswaard on the 2 stroke.  Thanks to everyone who helps me.

Quote from Team Manager, Adrian Kirk:

Today was not really a good days racing for the Team.  Jake will have to put 110% in to every round in order to recover from today’s Championship slide.  Brad had the speed and determination but needs to work on his starts to prevent the front runners getting such a gap ahead of him.  Glad this weekend is over and we can put it behind us and move on to Round 3 at Canada Heights.

10 April 2017