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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 2 - Lyng 2019


Round 2 of the Maxxis British Championship was down in Lyng, Norfolk at the weekend.  All 3 riders were racing on the technical Cadders Hill track.

MX1 Brad Anderson:

Brad was racing his two-stroke in the MX1 class.  Cadders Hill is a fast track, making it hard for the two stroke to keep up with the 450 bikes on the long sweeping bends  As the track got rougher, it got easier for Brad to compete.  So in qualification he was 13th and Race 1 - 11th.  In Race 2, Brad was going well.  It was hard and rough and there were plenty of sketchy moments.  Brad fell at one point and lost quite a few places, but his pace was there and he manged to pull back to a respectable 10th place.  If he had got a better start, he would have had a much better chance against the faster bikes.  So race 2, 10th place, going 11-10 for 10th overall at R2 of the Maxxis British Championship.  Brad now goes into R3 sitting in 10th place.

MX2 Liam Knight:

Liam was starting to feel slightly fitter so went out to give it his best shot.  12th in qualification gave him a relatively good gate pick.  Race 1 saw Liam get a flying start.  He hauled up the start straight in 2nd behind Josh Gilbert and sat there comfortably for a good few laps.  Then Liam started to tire.  His body just drained of energy.  Conrad Mews got past and it wasn’t long before a few more riders managed to pick him off.  Liam dropped back to 8th and managed to gain 13 points in Race 1.  In Race 2, Liam go the hole shot and set off at a great speed.  Dylon Walsh was soon to pass him for the lead, followed by Conrad Mews and Bas Vassen.  Liam’s energy had really been zapped and yet again he dropped quickly back in the pack, letting the bike take him round the track.  So Liam ended Race 2 in 9th and got 8 – 9 for 8th overall.  He now sits in 7th place in the Maxxis British Championship.

MXY2 Dominic Lancett:

Dominic had an excellent result at Lyng last year and he went out hoping for a repeat performance.  With 3rd place in qualification, he had a good gate pick and hauled up the start straight in 2nd in Race 1.  He was pushing hard and challenging for the lead when he had a big off and landed on his head.  Shook up, he rolled round to finish the race.  Dominic wasn’t really 100% after his first race crash but went out anyway to give it a shot in Race 2.  He got a bad start, crashed, but managed to pull back to forth.  So overall on the day he got 25 – 4 for 13th overall.  Dominica now sits in 4th place in the Maxxis British Championship.

Quote by Team Manager, Adrian Kirk:

Overall we gained some solid results today and came home with decent results.  It was a tough track for Brad on the two-stroke.  Liam showed that he has the speed but his energy just isn’t there at all with his illness. Hopefully he will gain strength before the next round.  Dominic didn’t have the best of days but at least pulled back some points in race 2.

03 May 2019