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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 3 - Canada Heights 2019


Round 3 of the Maxxis British Championship was at Canada Heights down in Kent.  A tough track to ride, very technical, rough and challenging.  It was quite a cold weekend but the rain held off.

The days racing started out ok and some good racing was seen by all three of the team’s riders.  However, the track was not only very challenging but it claimed many to injury throughout the day, and the Verde team didn’t go amiss. 


Dominic was first of the team to be out.  The track was slippery in places and few lines had yet emerged.  His qualification was steady with his best time in lap 3.  He got 3rd gate pick for the day which was more than adequate for this particular track.  It had an uphill start and he planned to get the hole shot.

Race 1 was red flagged half way through and was re-started with a staggered start.  Dominic was going pretty well when he realised his fuel cap was loose from when he refuelled for the re-start.  So stopped, adjusted the cap and set off but tweaked his knee in the process.    He had dropped back to 10th place in the process.  His lap times were pretty quick so he managed to pull through to 8th place but not the position he either hoped for or needed for the championship.

Race 2 was much better.  Dominic had a mega rider.  He was second up the start straight but chased Joel Rizzie down and soon took a clear lead.  ¾ into the race Joel fought back and managed to close down the gap.  They battled until Joel made the pass.  Dominic seemed to lose all his push.  He knee was throbbing and he dropped back not and let Ike Carter also make a move.  So race 2 saw Dominic Lancett with a 3rd place finish despite his challenging iding for most of the race.

So Dominic ended up with 8 – 3 for 5th on the day.  This meant that although he still sat in 4th place in the Championship his points had now slip and he was 19 points off 3rd place.


Liam felt good in qualification.  He was hauling up the start straight in the practice starts and put in some good steady times.  He got 9th fasted time which was ok but not ideal.

He didn’t get the best of starts in Race 1, coming round the first bend in 10th.  However, feeling fitter than previous weeks, he made some passes and was soon in 8th place.  He was closing on Neal and Hammal for 6th when he was taken out from behind!  Back into 12th place and not very happy.  Liam fought back 4 places to 8th and kept steady lap times throughout the race.  So Moto 1, 8th place.

Not an ideal start again in Race 2.  In 12th but soon moved up to 8th.  The track was getting rough and a kicker got Liam by surprise and cart wheeled him big style off the track, rolling with bike in the process.  Liam managed to get up but had to retire from the race with no points and a visit to the hospital.

So Liam ended with just 13 points 8 – DNF and 15th overall on the day.  This unfortunately cost him 2 places in the championship and he moved from 7th position down to 9th.


Brad, out on his two-stroke against the 450 bikes in MX1, managed 7th in qualification.  He felt confident but knew that he would struggle on the start straight and up the hills.

Race 1 was a fantastic ride for Brad.  A pretty good start up the straight in 7th place and he started closing fast.  Brad was on it and by the end of lap 1 he as into 5th pace.  The pack ahead consisted of 3 GP riders and Jake Millward.  Brad closed in but couldn’t quite catch them.  He finished an excellent 5th place.  Kullas was then docked 5 places which gave Brad 4th place in Moto 1.  This was the confidence that Brad needed right now.

Unfortunately Brad got a horrendous start in Race 2 and he came up the start straight right at the back of the pack.  He rode awesome and pulled through to 11th in the first lap.  He kept on pushing and moved up to 9th place.  The Brad Todd took a line in front of him and got in his was causing Brad a massive off.  With his adrenalin still pumping, he got up and finished the race but unfortunately only finished in 9th place in Moto 2.

So Brad got 4 – 9 for 6th overall and moved up the championship table 2 places to 7th place.  Still a long way to go but now only 21 places off that 3rd place position and 5 rounds left.


Overall it was a mixed days racing for the team.  Dominic showed speed, style and then injury knocked him back.  Liam finally looked like his strength and stamina were returning until a massive crash has now knocked his fitness right back again.  Brad on the other hand dug deep as usual and gave us a glimpse of what his two-stroke was capable off.  He came out with excellent results and moved 2 places up the championship table. 

06 May 2019