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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 3 - Hawkstone Park 2016


This weekend we have been racing at the Iconic Hawkstone Park in Shropshire, the home of British Motocross, for the 3rd Round of the ACU Maxxis British Championship.  The weather forecast torrential rain and on the Saturday evening it put a fair bit down.  However, come Sunday, the track dried out by the time qualification was finished, leaving it pretty rough and rutted, but the sun came out which helped to make an enjoyable days racing.  Plenty of GP riders lined up against a good few former British Champions; what more could a spectator ask for!


The track was still a bit sloppy for the qualification session, which was unusual for this Iconic track.  But it was the same for everyone.

MX 2 – A full line of top riders including Pocock, Clarke, McKenzie and Dunn.  Jake Millward struggled to slot in a quick lap and was sitting down in 18th until the last lap when he took advantage of a relatively clear run and managed to slot in a decent time, which secured him 11th gate pick.

MX 1 – Brad also struggled to get a good clear run amongst the pack of GP riders such as Simpson, Searle, Nicholls and Leok.  In the 4th lap he got a relatively good rhythm going but was slowed down by a yellow flag just as he approached the finish line.  So Brad got a 7th gate pick for the rest of the days racing.

Race 1:

MX 2 – Jake didn’t get a good start in this first race, getting out the gate way back in 14th place.  However, by the end of lap one, Jake had soon settled into 10th position.   Pocock came off in the first lap but soon pulled through, pushing Jake back to 11th.  Trickett then appeared to be having bike issues and dropped back a place, leaving Jake once again in 10th place.  Jakes throttle had stuck on, making it a pretty sketchy ride with a few dodgy moments but he managed to secure a solid 10th place, giving him 11 valuable points towards the championship.

MX 1 – Brad’s start wasn’t the best, with a mid-pack gate jump but he still rounded the first bend in 10th place.  By the end of lap one he had moved up to a comfortable 8th place.  He fought hard and managed to pick off Elliot Banks Browne and then Tanol Leok.  Now in 6th with just two laps to go, Brad started to catch 5th place Kristian Whatley, closing the gap between them rapidly.  There just wasn’t enough time and Whatley pipped him to the post.  So Brad finished Race 1 in 6th place with 15 points scored.

Race 2:

MX 2 – An excellent start this time for Jake Millward.  He looked like he was mid pack but rounded the first bend in 2nd, battled a bit with Sterry and then settled into a very comfortable 4th place, behind Pocock, Barr and Sterry.  Then Pocock made a mistake, and Jake moved into 3rd place with a massive gap behind him.  He looked smooth and comfortable and kept up the pace, but Steven Clarke was busy making his way through the pack.  With just 2 laps to go, Clarkey started to slowly catch Jake and with just one lap to go he made his move. Jake didn’t give up.  He was spent.  He was knackered but he wasn’t for letting Clarkey get away and he was hot on his tail right till the chequered flat.  But Jake just couldn’t find the extra energy to make a final pass back.  So Jake finished an excellent 4th place, giving him 5th overall for the day - his best overall finish in the British so far.

MX 1 – Not a bad start for Brad this time, out of the gate and round the first bend in 6th place, alongside Graeme Irwin.  Graeme got a good rhythm going and Leok soon made a pass which left Brad sitting in 8th position.  Elliot then had a mechanical which took him out of the race, pushing Brad into 7th.  Brad then seamed to find his own rhythm and speed and started to close on Whatley once again.  With just 2 laps to go, Brad made a pass and moved into 6th place, giving him another 6th place finish and 6th overall for the day.


Overall it was an excellent days racing for the team with consistency across the board and excellent finishes from both riders.

MX2 – Jake finished 5th overall for the day and moved into 4th place in the ACU British Motocross Championship.  Just 16 points now to catch Bryn MacKenzie who currently sits in 3rd Place.

MX 1 – Brad finished 6th overall today and moved up a position in the Championship, so now sits in 8th place, just 2 points behind Krestinov and only 13 points behind Leok, Nicholls and Whatley, who all tie in 4th place.  Ando however needs 25 points to catch Irwin who sits in 3rd place.

Quote from Brad Anderson:

Tough days racing today.  Bad start in race 1.  Just couldn’t get going in race 2 till half way through the race, so just missed out on a 5th place finish.  Track was rough and gnarly.

Quote from Jake Millward:


Quote from Team Manager, Adrian Kirk:

An excellent days racing from both riders.  Brad was consistent and moved up a place in the Championship table.  Jake showed everyone what we know he is capable of.  He just needs to believe in himself now.  Fourth place in the MX2 ACU Maxxis British Championship, by round 3, is a pretty good start to the season!

23 May 2016