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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 5 - Duns 2018



The Maxxis British Championship headed up to Duns this weekend for the first time in 9 years.  Last time it was held here in 2009, Brad Anderson won the British Championship title with a 68 point clear lead.

So this weekend saw the Verde Team out in full throttle with all 3 riders on their gates.  Brad Anderson on the 4 smoker in MX1, Todd Kellett in MX2 and Dominic Lancett in MXY2.  The weather had changed, the sun had gone and although it had rained in the night, the track started off dry, hard and fast.



Dominic was out first.  The track was prepped well, although very one liney.  It was Dom’s type of track, hard and fast.  He looked comfortable and relaxed and seamed to really enjoy this qualifying session.  His first timed lap was his quickest and he moved straight into 1st place.  He held this until the last lap when Rossi Beard slotted a quick one in and pushed Dominic down to 2nd Place.


This was a fast group.  Todd struggled with arm pump and although his first lap was his quickest he couldn’t get on the pace in this qualifying session.  Todd got 15th position for the day.


Brad’s group was also tough.  Lots of quick lads.  Brad got a good run in lap 4 and moved up to 8th place.  It was a one liney track that was tough to pass on.



Dominic got a great start and was in a comfortable 3rd place, pushing for 2nd.  Then over a jump, Dom crossed rutted on his landing and slipped off whilst trying to pass Callum Green.  By the time he got up, he was down into 7th.  Too much time had passed and the gap between him and the leading pack was too great on this one liney track.  Dominic managed to pick off one more rider and finished 6th place in Moto 1.


Todd got a mid-pack start coming round in about 10th.  The track was pretty muddy and rutted, making it to Todd’s taste.  He struggled to pass Lewis Tombs and 3/4 of the way through the race, Todd slipped off whilst trying to put a pass in.  He got back on it but lost 2 places, dropping back to and finishing 12th place in Moto 1.


A great start for the Ando.  Out the gate in 6th.  By lap 2 he had moved into 5th and he was charging.  The track was now really rough, deep, wet and slippery.  Brad soon passed Jake Nicholls and moved into 3rd.  He still had the gas on and was chasing hard on the tail of Monticelli.  The back markers got in the way.  The blue flags were pretty non-existent.  Brad was going ballistic as he couldn’t get past into 2nd.    Bobryshev was tiring and Brad had P1 in his sights.  So an unhappy Brad finished 3rd overall in Moto 1.



Dominic got a good start in Race 2.  He started out in 3rd, pushed on into 2nd and then as he took the lead he slipped off in the mud.  It was now very wet, pouring with rain and the track was thick mud.  Dominic was in 6th when he got up but soon moved back into 3rd place.  The track was messy and before long he slipped off again, got his gloves caught on his grips and ended up way back in 12th position.  Not ideal.  So Moto 2, 12th place finish.


The track was now a mud bath.  Very sloppy with little vision.  The rain was coming down hard so it was anyone’s game.  Todd got out the gate pretty handy and was soon sat in 7th position.  It was so wet and muddy that vision was hard and for most of the race he had no goggles on.  Apart from lack of vision, Todd didn’t mind the conditions, where as other riders struggled.  Todd held his position and finished 7th in Moto 1.


Brad started prepping his gate ready for the 2nd moto and was feeling pretty confident.  The race was then suddenly called off, due to the bad conditions.  Too many riders had ridden with no goggles on in the last race and it was deemed ‘unsafe’ to race.  Brad was disappointed as he was confident for the win in Moto, which may have given him the overall.



6-12 for 9th overall.  The results didn’t do his riding justice.  Dominic rode awesome in qualifying.  He just needs to settle in to the race and it was all come together.  Dominic Lancett now sits 8th in the Championship.


12-7 for 9th overall.  Todd is still not back up to the speed and pace of last year but I am sure that it will come.  Now 8th in the Championship.


Brad got third in Race 1.  Race 2 didn’t run which was a shame as he was on such good form.  A top step would have been probable.  Brad now sits 8th in the Championship despite missing the last round in Ireland.


Pleased to be moving up the championship table.  After all it is my first year in this class on this 125 bike.  I will be happy if I finish top 5 in the championship but would actually really like to be in the top 3.


Tough day in the bogging mud.  Finished up 9th overall and moved to 8th in the championship.


Duns Motocross track was in good condition considering the rain.  Fair play to Bry Mac and the boys for doing a good job.  Shame it was only one race today but it was nice to get 3rd overall and have that #60 back on the box.


It was a good weekends racing.  All three riders pulled a few points back in the Championship.  Brad got the podium and I am sure he could have taken the overall if there had been a 2nd Moto.  He was really on form and not fazed by the conditions.  Dominic was so smooth in qualifying, he just needs to settle into the racing and the results will certainly come.  Todd still has a long way to go to get back to where he was last year.  Sheer hard work and determination is the only thing that will get him there.

30 July 2018