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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 5 - Whitby 2014

Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 5 29/06/14

Skelder Bank in Whitby hosted the 5th round of the ACU Maxxis British Championship at the weekend. For the teams rider Mathew Callaghan it was his first race back after a month off the bike with his hand in a cast! With Matty back to full fitness, he was keen to show everyone what he is capable of. 


Just as the MX2 riders took to the track for their timed qualifying session, the heavens opened.  This made the track very wet and slippy and the riders came round after the first few laps covered in mud. Matty didn't let the track condition phase him and gained 17th place for a gate pick for the first MX2 race of the day. A good start to the day leaving both the rider and team feeling positive for the weekend. 

Race 1:

With a stacked line up and more rain, the track looked set for a tough first race. Matty had a mid pack start, getting pushed out coming down the start straight. But he soon settled into a strong 18th place and held it together riding a solid race and finishing in 18th position. 

Race 2:

Not a great start to race 2, entering the first corning in 25th place. The track had started to rut up nicely but also making it one lined and hard to pass. With a string of mistakes on the first few laps, the pack had started to get away in front. Leaving Matty with the full race to catch the pack ahead and claw back some positions, finishing in 21st just missing out on a championship point. 

Race 3: 

Race 3 saw a mixed start for all leaving a very mixed up pack. Matty came through the first lap in 27th but this time moved forward a lot quicker, picking riders off one by one and looked to be enjoying riding the rough track. Unfortunately the race came to end when Matty passed a fallen rider, hitting the next jump only to see another rider off. Matty landed on the other riders bike. With no gear leaver and damage to the radiator, Matty had no choice but to DNF the race and pull off the track. 


With a 18th, 21st and a DNF, the final results did not look great with 23rd overall. But we are happy to have Mathew back racing again, the first race back was never going to be easy so to come away with some points was a great thing to build on for round 6 at Fat Cats in 3 weeks time. Matty loves riding in sand so is looking forward  to the next Maxxis in doncaster. 

Quote from Mathew Callaghan:

I was hoping to finish today with 3 top 15 finishes. I need to get better starts, i'm wasting too much time catching back up on the pack that have got away on the first lap. Fat cats should be better as i feel more at home riding in sand.   

Quote from team manager Adrian Kirk:

Its hard coming back from a long time off with a injury to slot back into where you should be able to finish. Hopefully with some better starts at Fat Cats We can finish top 15. 

03 July 2014