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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 6 - Blaxhall - 2017


What a great weekend at Blaxhall Circuit down in sunny Suffolk, for the 6th round of the ACU Maxxis British Championship. The track was perfect, the paddock was spot on with all the pro teams putting their awnings out, the crowds flooded in, the sun shone and the racing was exciting to watch.


Jake was out first.  The track was mega fast and very narrow making it hard to get a good clear lap. He kept trying and then getting held up. He put his fastest time in his 5th lap giving him 10th gate pick for the day.  It was a close call with 9 riders, including Ben Watson, Mel Pocock, Todd Kellet and Jake Millward, just ½ second between them.

It was a fast track with plenty of riders going at top pace.  Brad got his best lap time in early on and came home with 6th gate pick for the day.


Jake got a terrible start coming round the first bend in 22nd.  It was a fast track so Jake had to get down to work early on and he passed 6 riders in the first lap moving him into 16th.  It then got harder.  Jake made some excellent passes over the jumps, taking a rider per lap until he moved into 11th with Nev Bradshaw being his next target.  But too much time had elapsed and he was unable to make the pass that would have moved him into the top 10. So Jake finished 11th in moto 1.

Brad got a cracking start coming round the first corner in 2nd, close on the tail of Hole Shot King Irwin.  They battled neck to neck until a red flag stopped the race, whilst Brad was in a pole position.  Elliot Banks Browne had come off and therefore wasn't on the gate for the re-run of the race.

The re-run was an identical start to the original race, with Irwin out the gate first and Brad hot on his tail. They stayed in these positions for the whole race with no one else close to challenging them.  Brad came home a happy 2nd place, whilst Gert Krestinov (who is sitting higher up the championship table than Brad), came home 6th.



An horrendous start for Jake, this time way back in 26th!  Talk about making like hard work for himself. He pulled through to 18th in the first lap but then it took a good 10 minutes for Jake to settle down into a rhythm. Once in this rhythm with his head in gear, he soon moved up into 11th place behind Brad Todd.  Try as he might Jake could not get past Brad.  He tried everything going but Brad was just not for letting him past.  So Jake finished moto 2 in 11th place.

Another fabulous start for the Ando, coming round the first corner in 2nd, behind Irwin once again.  This time he was closer at the start and the battle began. It was Irwin from Brad and then Brad from Irwin. They battled hard with Brad taking the lead for most of the race. Then disaster struck and Brad lost his back brake and had to ease off the pace. He let Irwin get away and allowed Krestinov to make a move too.  But Brad wasn't going to give up on a well deserved podium, so he kept on pushing till the end and came home 3rd.


11-11 for 10th overall.  Jake rode well, plenty of good passes but terrible starts set him back preventing a decent final position.  His lack of points today kept him still in 11th place in the Championship.  Good starts are imperative for Jake at the next round, Preston Docks, if he wants to move into that top 10 that he knows is where he belongs.

Brad had two excellent races, good starts, good pace and a good style! Both Brad and the crowd enjoyed him battling with Irwin up front.  If his back brake hadn't gone, who knows what the final position would have been. So Brad finished a 2 - 3 for a 2nd overall and a place on the maxxis podium.  He now sits in 3rd place in the championship with just 15 points now between him and Krestinov for 2nd.


Frustrating day at Blaxhall.  Riding was good but two horrendous starts meant I made it hard for myself and I only managed 2 11th places.  Need to get my starts sorted as I know my speed is there.


Good day at the British championship at Blaxhall.  Had good starts all day.  1st race I was in 2nd and stopping with the leader till I tightened up.  The last race I got out 2nd again and was having some good battles with Irwin. I passed for the lead and I was wining for couple laps.  Then Irwin passed me back, then we were having a good Dingdong. I went back into the lead and then my back Brake went so the good battle was over.  It was so hard to ride with no back brake but I kept going.  Ended up 3rd for 2nd overall.  Good day all around.


Excellent dad racing. Make had terrible starts but rode well.  Brad was awesome and a pleasure to watch. Gutted about that back brake. Happen he might have made that top step today?


17 July 2017