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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 6 - Fat Cats 2014

Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 6 Fat Cats    20/07/14

Fat Cats Motoparc hosted the 6th round of the ACU maxxis British Championship this weekend. 
The preparation put into the track was second to none. It had been altered and extended and looked in excellent condition. Despite the torrential rain and a storm on Saturday night, the track still looked perfect on the sunny Sunday morning. With the new layout and the good weather, Sunday produced a day of exciting racing on the Fat Cats circuit.

Qualifying :  

With a stacked line up and a new track layout, Matty took his time to learn new lines. He looked extremely quick in sections but struggled to get a clear track to set his fast lap, leaving him with 24th gate pick. 

Race 1 :

Not bad start out the gate, coming round the first turn mid pack and finishing the first lap in 20th place showing potential for those all important race points! But a mistake on the second lap put him back to 28th spot. Despite his determination and hard work it took Matty the rest of the race to make up time he had lost on the pack,  he managed to move into 22nd to the finish.  Although the result didn't show, all in all he rode a strong race. 

Race 2 :

The start didn't go as well in race 2, completing lap 1 in 33rd position. As the day got hotter and dryer we could see this was going to be a challenging race. Being so far back, as he pulled through the pack Matty got a face full of roost including a lump of sand in his mouth. Despite this distraction He worked hard and pushed to flag in a respectable 21st place. Just missing out on 1 point in this tough MX2 championship. 

Race 3 :

Matty had a great jump out the gate and rounded the first turn in 10th place! With a manic first lap, the front runners went by and Matty finished the first lap in 19th place. The track was really rough and rutted for the last race but he soon found a good rhythm and looked comfortable.  Matty pushed hard all race and his fitness showed through , finishing in a much deserved 15th place. After a string of injuries, to finally break into the points and his aim of a top 15 result was a massive confidence boost for Young Matty. 

Overall :

Finishing the day on a high was just what the team needed after a hard weekend at Whitby. Mattys last race showed the position he can comfortably ride in. Although the results showed 22nd overall on the day, its a great step in the right direction for Matty. Now off to Belgium for 2 weeks, he will hopefully gain some strong bike time and return on top form for the Next British at Cusses Gorse on the 10th of August. 

Quote from Team manager Adrian Kirk :

The day didn't start off the best , bad starts and mistakes are frustrating. But the last race was good to see Matty push and stay on. Hopefully it will show him what he can do and we can move on from the rut he has been stuck in. 

Quote form Matty Callaghan :

I enjoyed the new track layout but just didn't get the first few laps right, messing up the first two races. The last race I felt good and rode my own lines, making no mistakes. Getting a better start makes life easier so its something I really need to work on. 

24 July 2014