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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 6 - Foxhills 2015

Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 6 – Foxhills 19/07/15

It was a pretty good day's racing for Verde Sports at the weekend. The Maxxis ACU British Championship was held at Foxhills, the well-known Swindon track down in Wiltshire. The fabulous Southern weather brought in the crowds, the paddock looked good and Team Verde rode exceptionally well.



MX2 – Jake isn't a lover of the Hard Pack Foxhills track - you either love it or hate it! He managed to get a pretty quick lap in early on, but just couldn't get a clear run after that. It was a full line-up with 39 riders, so getting a clear, decent lap was tough. He ended up with 15th gate pick.


MX1 – Josh on the other hand loves riding Foxhills and this showed in his qualification. He did get arm pump and he did leave his fastest lap to the very end BUT eventually he got a good run and slotted in the 9th fastest lap for his gate pick.

Race 1:

MX2 – Jake didn't get a good start. He was mid pack and there were 39 riders! Most of the race Jake struggled behind Matt Bayliss, just not managing to find a way past. By the time Jake made his move there was too little time to close the gap on the other riders who had got ahead. As he came to the close of the race, he was on the tail of Mickey Eccles but it was just too late. Jake ended the race in 15th place which gave him valid points in the championship.


MX1 – Josh got a pretty handy start rounding the first bend in 11th. He rode hard early on, pushed through the pack, made a cheeky pass on Ashley Wilde and then settled in to 7th. As Josh came to battle with Jamie Law with three laps remaining, the red flag went out and the race was stopped for the safety of another rider who was down. Nevertheless, Josh happily settled for a comfortable 7th place finish in race 1.

Race 2: 

MX2 – Out the gate in 7th place was an excellent start for Jake.  He settle into 9th early on and then he spent most of the race battling with Nev Bradshaw, successfully holding him off.  Both riders managed to pass Todd Kellet but struggled to close in on Booker and Davidson. Still Jake finished an excellent 8th place.

MX1 – Josh had a mega start, 5th out of the gate behind Simpson, Elliot Banks Brown, Graeme Irwin and Martin Barr. Josh didn't look out of place with this pack and he held this position for 3/4 of the race. Then, although his lap times didn't really drop, Leok managed to make a pass, soon followed by Krestinov, pushing Josh back to 7th.  Determined in the last lap, he grasped his opportunity when Elliot made a mistake and gained a spot back for a 6th place finish.

Race 3:

MX2 – Jake got out the gate pretty handy rounding the first bend in the top 10. He held on to 9th position for the first few laps, but a few mistakes allowed Jordan Booker and James Cottrell to pass him.  Jake pushed hard holding off James Dunn and Neville Bradshaw, until Dunn made his move, pushing Jake off the track allowing both Dunn and Bradshaw to get past.  Jake pushed hard but couldn't chase them down in time, leaving him to finish in 13th place in race 3.

MX1 – Josh has an excellent third race getting out of the gate pretty handy and rounding the first bend in 5th place behind Shaun Simpson, Gert Krestinov, Brad Anderson and Elliot Banks Brown. He looked comfortable here as he flew round but Leok wasn't holding off, and half way through the race he made his pass and soon caught the leading pack. This left Josh holding off Martin Barr for the remainder of the race with no-one else near the pair. Halfway again into the last lap, Martin found a way around Josh and try as he might, Josh couldn't quite get back passed him before they passed the chequered flag. This left Josh finishing 7th in this final race - and 7th overall..


MX2 – Jake didn't have his most successful day’s racing but he has come a long way since the MAXXIS here at Foxhills last year.  He ended up with an 11th overall which took him into the top 10 in the MAXXIS ACU British Championship.  Roll on Preston Docks, one of Jake’s favourite tracks and with being only 8 points behind Liam Knight and 13 points behind Carlton Husbands, some solid riding should see Jake move up another couple of positions in the Championship!

MX1 – With 7,6,7 Josh ended up 7th overall, and on even points with 6th place holder Tanel Leok - an excellent result for Josh and the team. This meant that he moved two places up the championship table and now sits in 11th place for the Maxxis ACU British Championship. With top 10 now in sight, he needs to get in some serious sand practice in preparation for the next round at Preston Docks where he will be challenging seasoned sand riders such as Jamie Law, Ashley Wilde, Brad Anderson and Martin Barr. Nevertheless, with just a 24 point gap to close to get into the top 10, the chase in on!

Quote from Jake Millward:

'Peaking to have finally moved into the top 10 of the ACU Maxxis Championship.  Can't wait for the next rounds at Preston Docks and Fat Cats Motoparc. Foxhills has never been my favourite track anyway.'

Quote from Josh Spinks:

'Had a lot of fun today.  Really happy with my results.  Everything is starting to come together. Bike was spot on today.'

Quote from Adrian Kirk:

'Really pleased with the lads today.  Josh rode exceptionally well and is improving each week.  Jake finally made the top 10 in the Championship.  Both riders know what they need to do to improve their individual performances and will be working on it in preparation for the next round at Preston Docks.'


22 July 2015