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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 7 – Preston Docks 2015

Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 7 – Preston Docks 06/09/2015

The Maxxis ACU British Motocross Championships' seventh round were held at our local track, Preston Docks for the first time this weekend. It was an excellent meeting with both the paddock and track well prepared, the weather perfect and the spectators ready to enjoy the event as a whole.

Verde Sports Racing were there with only one rider this time: Jake Millward 303. Our second rider, Josh Spinks, has damaged his crucial ligament and is still recovering but was there to watch track side and support his fellow team mate.



MX2 The track was very narrow and with a full gate of 40 riders, it left little place to pass. Jake managed to get some fast laps in but struggled to get a clear complete run without getting held up. He finished with 16th gate pick which turned out to be of no detriment as the long, wide, straight start made it a pretty even keel for all riders.


Race 1:


MX2An excellent start for Jake Millward - 2nd out of the gate and round the first bend. A tough group to be up against however: GP winner Max Anstie out in front, EMX250 winner / GP contender Adam Sterry and EMX250 winner Steven Clarke all to contend with. These three got past on the first lap (along with Lewis Trickett) leaving Jake in fifth, fighting with Bryan McKenzie for the next 15 minutes. He looked comfortable where he was until the bike took a major mechanical and spat him off over a jump round the back. This was race over for Jake with no points and bike over for the race weekend!


Now this was pretty serious for the team as Jake's spare bike had already been taken out of action two days before the meeting; leaving Jake with no bike to complete the round. But what a great group of riders in our Pro Paddock. Word got around, everybody pulled together and eventually Tom Neal offered up his race bike for Jake to use as Tom had injured himself in the first race and was unable to complete the meeting.


We would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to Tom for trusting both Jake and the team with his bike and allowing Jake to complete the round and gain valuable points.


Race 2:

MX2Another good start for Jake, rounding the first bend in 8th place. The bike felt good considering it wasn't his own (Jake had transferred his Cone Valve suspension onto it in time for the race) but even so Tom runs a different gearing to Jake so the set up was not ideal to suit his style of riding. On top of that, it was a tough race and very one liney. Jake struggled to find a way past Booker, Bradshaw and Husbands but still ended up finishing in 10th place - not bad going considering he was on a bike unknown to him!

Race 3:

MX2Now this was a fab start - 2nd out of the gate again, and on Tom's bike! Jake however was finding it tough having hurt his foot when he came off earlier and this was starting to take it's toll. The track was now pretty rough and rutted as well, and although Jake usually likes a track like this, it isn't quite the same on a bike that's not your own. Anstie, Watson, Lenior and McKenzie got away and it wasn't long before Conrad Mewes and Sterry caught him up and made a pass. Jake hung in and managed to hold off Trickett, Bradshaw, Booker and Cottrell until a couple of laps from the end, leaving Jake to finish the race in 11th place but points are points and thanks to Tom Neal, Jake was given the opportunity to gain these valuable points towards the championship.


Overall it was a stress-filled and eventful race meeting, with results that weren't quite what the team had been hoping for. However, with completing just 2 of the 3 races, Jake still managed to secure a healthy 12th place finish for the day. Unfortunately, the first race DNF cost him a place in the championship and Jake slipped down to 11th place. Nevertheless, game on for Fat Cats Motoparc with just 9 points between Carlton Husbands, Jordan Booker, Liam Knight and our Jake Millward - that 8th place finish for the championship is definitely still in sight!

Quote from Jake Millward:


'Was gutted when the bike broke and I though my top 10th place in the championship had gone for good. I really wanted to ride and I am so pleased that Tom Neal was prepared to lend me his bike for the rest of the day. Big thanks.'


Quote from Josh Spinks:


'Gutted that I couldn't ride today. I enjoyed watching but it just was not the same.'


Quote from Team Manager, Adrian Kirk:


'What an eventful week: No MX1 rider (Josh Spinks); no practice bike and then no race bike; racing at our home town track and our top ten positions in the championship at stake. A massive thank you again to Tom Neal, from both Jake and the team, for coming to the rescue, and a big thank you also to the other riders and mechanics in the paddock who tried to help us out. Jake now sits in 11th place in the Championship but we are all confident that this will be overturned at Fat Cats next month. As for Josh, he has now slipped down to 13th and may still not be fully recovered and fit in time for Fat Cats but that's motocross for you!'

10 September 2015