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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 8 - Foxhills - 2017


The last round of the ACU Maxxis British Championship was as tradition, down at Foxhills in Swindon this weekend.  The track had been ripped deep all week, the sun was out and the crowd were here.  Brad Anderson was here to challenge Gert Krestinov for 2nd place in the Championship, with a 9 point difference separating Brad from gaining the Silver Trophy.

There was a mixed line up today.  Graeme Irwin went out in MX2 (after already being crowned the winner of MX1), along with overseas riders Darion Sanayei, Florent Richier and Harris Kullas.  MX1 saw the return of Tommy Searle and Ben Watson stepping up to the bigger bike (after he had already been crowned the winner of MX2).

Jake started out in qualification with some pretty good times.  His fastest lap was lap 3, where he got the 4th fastest lap so far.  His bike then had a mechanical at the far side of the track.  He parked it up and sprinted back to the pits for his spare race bike and suddenly found himself right back in 12th.  Most of the riders had slotted in their fastest time in lap 5 or 6.  It was a close call.  5th – 15th were only ¾ second apart.  Jake was amongst this pack and ended his timed qualification with a 13th gate pick for the day.

MX1 was more spaced out.  Brad got an excellent first lap in at the beginning and was sat in 4th.  Then late on in the qualification Irwin and Krestinov slotted in a major lap and shifted Brad back down to 6th place.  Still a pretty good position for the day.


Jake got a bit squashed on the first bend and came round in 12th place.  He managed to pass Tombs for 11th but then he got it wrong on a jump and came off pretty big.  The bars banged down on his chest.  It took him a while to get up and sorted and a few laps had passed.  Jake dusted himself down, rode back but ended with a DNF in moto 1.

Brad got a good start.  He was in 3rd behind Elliot and Watson.  But Watson soon tired, presumably being new to MX1 and Searle soon pulled through to first.  Brad still in 3rd was going well until Irwin got in the mix.  Irwin passed Brad and kept re-inventing his lines, so Brad just couldn’t find a way past.  Then Irwin slipped out in a rutted bend and Brad moved back into 3rd.  Gert was closing now but there wasn’t sufficient time for him to get close enough to attempt a pass on Brad.  So Brad finished 3rd in Moto 1 and closed 2 points, leaving 7 points now for him to gain on Gert in the final race to get the Silver.



Jake was out the gate mid pack on a narrow, rough, one liney fast track.  He started out in 10th place and just couldn’t get passed anyone.  The track was getting rough.  Then Liam Knight found a way past on a rutted bend and Jake was relegated to 11th.  Jake chased hard back at Liam butted couldn’t manage to pass him before the finish.  So Jake finished 11th in Moto 2.

A bad start for Brad Anderson, which wasn’t ideal.   He was not only back in 8th place but a mistake on the first lap put him back into 11th.  Krestinov had got a good start and was out front in 3rd!  It was so hard to pass.  It was rutted and fast.  It took over half the race to pass Jamie Law into 10th, then Houghton, then Harris to move into 7th.  There just wasn’t enough time left to take Norris for 6th.  So Brad settled for an unlucky 7th place finish in Moto 2. 


Jake got a DNF and an 11th place finish for 16th overall.  Not the best of days by far!  This unlucky day knocked him back a place in the Championship and he finished it off with a 12th place finish.

Brad got a 3 – 7 to finish 4th overall.  With Gert having a good 2nd Race, Brad unfortunately didn’t manage to lose the gap for 2nd in the Championship.  But nether-the-less he finished an excellent 3rd overall for the Bronze Plate. 

Not the best of days racing.  I was hoping to have finished on a high today with a good race in the bag.  But a DNF in race one put an end to that.  Disappointed on how my first race season has turned out, after going Pro.

Last round of the British championship was close between me and Gert for 2nd in the championship. I closed the gap to 7 points got 3rd with Gert in 4th.  In the second race I came off on the first lap.  I pushed to get back through to 7th and another lap I would have been 6th.  Still great to finish on the box in the British Championship with a 3rd, big thanks to Verde Sports KTM, my Dad and my family and everyone who has helped me in 2017.  It’s been a great year for me. 1st in the EMX300 and 3rd in the British championship.

If you had said at the beginning of the year that we would have finished the season winning the EMX300 Two Stroke Championship in Europe and finished 3rd in the British Championship (and nearly 2nd), I just wouldn’t have believed it.  But we did.  The hard work payed off.  However, I am torn by mixed feelings.  We are massively disappointed on the MX2 front and really wish things had turned out differently.  However, overall it is a good end to the season.  We are all looking forward to some well-earned celebrations to thank all those who have helped us on this amazing journey.


28 August 2017