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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 8 - Foxhills 2014

Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 8 Foxhills, Swindon 21/09/14

This weekend saw the 8th and final round of the year for the British Championship. The Wiltshire paddock was packed, with both Vets and MXY2's racing in addition to stacked classes of MX1 ad MX2 riders.  It was an excellent turnout with all the top riders competing for a championship overall position. 

Qualifying :

Matty looked good in qualifying and was set to get a 14th place on the gate, which would have been pretty good with the stacked line up of riders.  However, the woops were very technical and he could not get them just right.  Half way into the session he got it just wrong, leaving him not sufficient time to get another quick lap in, ending up with a 22nd gate pick. 

Race 1 :
Things then went terribly wrong.  Matty arrived marginally late for the sighting lap and although the whistle hadn't gone, rules were enforced and the gate was shut before him.  Matty and team were terribly disappointed.  He was not allowed to compete in the first race.  This mistake set an example to all the riders but really effected Matty's performance for the rest of the day.
Race 2 :
Matty got a terrible start and rounded the first corner right at the back of the pack.  However, he soon pulled back into 23rd and things looked promising.  But it was a tough and rough track to ride and Matty just couldn't master it.  He struggled with some of his corner approaches and the difficult rhythm section left him ragged.  He lost a place each lap and ended up with a disappointing 27th place.
Race 3 : 
A red flag early into the race meant a re-start.  The knarley track and technical rhythm section played havoc with Matty's scaphoid injury and his lap times dropped way beyond his normal capabilities.  This was a disappointing ride for Matty, finished 28th place in this final race of the season.
Overall :
As the final meeting of the season came to a close, the team reflected on what they had achieved.  Matty's results had fluctuated but were not what they had all anticipated.  He had been fraught with injury all season.  However, the team had come along way and learnt a lot during the process. 2015 would be a new year and a new start and another step forward.
Quote from Adrian Kirk :
Today was not an ideal way to end the season.  The overall results were disappointing.
It would have been nice to have finished on a high.
Quote from Matty Callaghan :
Foxhills isn't my favourite track but my performance this weekend wasn't my best.  Disappointed not to have gained some points this weekend.  I am ready for a rest to allow me to fully recover from the injuries that I have had all season. 

22 September 2014