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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 8 - Landrake 2019


The last round of the Maxxis British Championship was down at Landrake Moto Parc in Cornwall.  Not only was It 5 years ago since the Maxxis had been held at this particular track, but it was the first time in recent history that it combined with the British Youth Championships and made it a 2 day event.  The result was definitely a step in the right direction. 


Team Verde had a pretty good weekend with some of the best solid British results that they have had all season.  Brad decided to end the season on a 450F to prove that he still had the speed.  Racing on the 250 two-stroke in a 450 class all year had proven a tough call.  If the ACU keeps to their word and allows the two-stokes to race in MX2, then Brad will be given the chance next season to show his true potential once again. Liam was finally back to full fitness after a traumatic year of illness and injury and put in some excellent results on his 250F.



Both riders got relatively good qualification times, both coming in 6th fastest in their individual classes.  However, both could have done with another second at least to put them into 3rd place.  Both classes were extremely stacked classes for the last round, which made it much more exciting racing to watch.



MX1 Brad Anderson:

Brad’s first race wasn’t quite as good as he had hoped.  He got a relatively good jump out the gate but was still only in 7th place.  He then made a mistake, came off and lost 4 seconds (a lot to make back up).  He was pushed back down to 8th as Elliot Banks Browne took advantage of the situation and made a pass.  Elliot’s bike then went bang and DNF’d which allowed Brad to finish 7th in race one.  Race 2 was far better.


MX2 Liam Knight:

Liam had an excellent race 1.  He got a fantastic jump out the gate and hauled up the start straight in 4th place, tagging behind the 3 GP riders.  Liam kept close for a few laps, then dropped back a tad, but held a comfortable 4th right through the race until the end.  So a great finish to Moto 1. 4th place in MX2.



MX1 Brad Anderson:

The second race was Brad’s best race all season.  He got a great jump out the gate coming round in 3rd place behind Shaun Simpson.  Then Shaun went through the fencing, putting Brad up to 2nd.  Elliot Banks Browne made a pass pushing Brad back down to 3rd.  For the next few laps Brad and Shaun battled against each other until Shaun managed to make a pass on the second to last lap.  It was excellent racing to watch and Brad managed to finish Moto with a well-deserved 4th place finish.


MX2 Liam Knight:

Liam’s second moto was also a good race.  He kept up front with the GP boys for the first half of the race, battling with Gilbert.  Liam let off the gas part way through, but didn’t lose his 5th place position and in the last 2 laps he got second wind and really started to close on 4th place Taviku but couldn’t quite get close enough to make the pass.  So moto 2, 5th place.



Brad Anderson – 7-4 for 4th overall in MX1 which secured him a comfortable 6th place finish in the championship.  The question is, would he have finished higher up the championship if he had been on the 450F all season.


Liam Knight – 4-5 for 5th overall in MX2 which secured him 7th place in the Championship, despite missing a full round due to injury and being tarred with Glandular Fever for the first half of the season.



Great fun being back on the 450F and battling the Simpson.  Pleased to finish 4th overall at the last round.  A good finish to the season.



4 – 5 for 5th overall at the last round.  It has been a real tough year this year with a lot of bad luck on my behalf.  A massive thank you to all the Verde Substance KTM racing team for their support.  It’s been awesome to be around good people who all give 100% all year round.


Well an excellent end to a very tough season in the British.  Liam had an excellent last round which showed his capabilities, despite being fraught with illness and injury all season.  Brad has one of his best races all season by being able to jump back on a 450F and poor Dominic was there to support the team, after having his ACL operation.  It hasn’t been the easiest of seasons for the team.  Let’s hope 2010 brings us better luck.



11 October 2019