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Maxxis ACU British Championship Round 8 - Lyng 2018


This weekend was finally the last round of the Maxxis British Championship, down in Lyng, Norfolk.  The team were one man down, with EMX300 Champion Brad Anderson still nursing a broken finger.  Having a free weekend, Brad’s mechanic, Chris Muir stepped in to help out young Dominic Lancett in the MXY2 as he moved up to race his new 250sxf.  The results were excellent and made a wet weekend worthwhile.



The track was very one liney and the burns were loose and kept washing out.  But Dominic got a few good quick laps in qualification and set the 2nd fastest lap, giving him a good gate pick for the day.  He was still getting used to the big 250 and needed to change a few settings before the racing began.


Todd didn't settle in qualification and his times weren't too good.  He managed 17th gate pick and hoped that he would find his pace when the racing began.



A great start to race 1 as Dominic hauled up the start straight in 2nd place behind series leader, Rossi Beard.  Dominic closely followed the leader for most of the race, then a couple of Laps from the end, Dominic seamed to tire and a 9 second gap separated him from the front.  Then with 1 lap to go, Dominic Lancett got a second wind, started to charge, closed the gap, battled with Beard and then passed him to take the chequered flag.  One hell of a ride from young Dominic.


Todd's start wasn't as good and he came up the start straight way back in 15th.  He was struggling to get to grips with the track and couldn't find a way past the riders for the first half of the race.  Once he finally managed to pass Gav Stevenson Todd was quickly in 13th place and charging. Then 4 laps to go, Todd made a mistake which set him back down to 19th place and with no time to make a recovery on this one liney track.  So 19th place and just 2 points for Moto 1.



Dominic slid sideways out the gate, made a recovery but then only came up the start straight in 5th place.  It didn't take him long to catch back up to the leaders and he was soon in 3rd place.  Try as he might though, he could not get past 2nd place Joel Rizzie and had to settle for 3rd Place in Moto 2.


Todd got a much better jump and came up the straight in 7th position.  But a few laps in it all went a bit pair shaped.  The track was tough and it was difficult to make any passes.  As Dylan Walsh tried to pass he clashed with Todd, Todd took the brunt and hurt his knee causing him to retire from the race with no points.  So moto 2 was a DNF.



Another good start for Dominic coming up the straight in 2nd place once again.  The rain had now set in and the drizzle made it a tad slippery and vision slightly blurry.  Dominic was tiring as the power of the 250cc was taking some getting used to.  He made a mistake which put him back to 6th place, which wasn't ideal and left him no time for recovery.  So Dominic finished Moto 3 in 6th place.



1-3-6 for 2nd overall.  PODiUM, Dominic's first in MXY2. He definitely suited the big 250sxf and enjoyed having Chris Muir spanner for him for the day.


Not such as good a day for Todd, only scoring a total of 2 points all day.  It has been a tough season for Todd.  Let's hope it all comes together for Weston Beach race next weekend, where he will be going out to defend his reining no 1 plate.


What an amazing end to an awesome year. 2nd step of the podium this weekend at the final round of the Maxxis British Championship.  Can't thank everybody enough for everything they have done for me this year and for everybody's support.  Can't wait for another amazing year.  And a big thankyou to Chris Muir for spannering for me today.


Well that's a wrap in what I can only call a challenging season.  The final round today didn't go to plan but we are in one piece and off to the Beach Race next week.  I would like to say massive thank you to the team, KTMUK and Tony Dibley, my mechanic.


It has been a tough season with lots of highs and lows.  It was great to see to Dominic make the podium today and finish the season on a high. Brad won the EMX300. Let's see if Todd can finish it off with a hat trick by winning Weston Beach Race for the third time in a row, next weekend.

15 October 2018