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MX Nationals - Round 2 - Hawkstone Park 2019


All the team decided to race at Hawkstone Park in the Michelin MX Nationals this weekend.  All three riders racing together in the MX2 class.  Liam on his usual KTM250F, Dominic moving up to the Pro-s and also riding his KTM250F and Brad riding in the same class but on his two-stroke KTM 250SX.  An interesting race to watch but a shame that the 250 bikes would have to race round at the same time as the 450 bikes.


Qualification didn’t go too great for any of the riders but they took it as a practice and put it behind them.  Brad was 8th MX2 home, Liam 10th and young Dominic managed 18th.


The race didn’t start off too well as none of the Verde riders got a very good jump out of the gate.  Liam had a reasonable race but got tired half way through and started to drop back.  His fitness is starting to return but his energy just doesn’t appear to be sustainable yet.  He ended the race in 9th place.

Dominic was suffering with a dodgy back from when he came off at Lyng the week before.  He struggled to keep up the pace to start with, the track was very rough and he just couldn’t seem to put it all together.  He ended up pulling off in pain and calling it a day for the weekend.

Brad usually loves Hawkstone and wasn’t faced about racing his two-stroke round one of his favourite tracks.  For some reason he got arm pump early on and that, matched with a bad start against the 250 and 450 bikes left him much further back than he had hoped for.  He just couldn’t seem to push hard enough or make the passes to get him back up the front.  So Brad finished race 1 in 10th place.


Race 2 went slightly better.  Liam got a much better start, as did Brad.  Dominic decided not to go out and rest his back and get strong again.  Having had a better start, Liam managed to finish in 7th place in race 2.  He did tire and was goosed after the race had finished, but he had improved his position from race 1.  Brad was out determined to finish higher up the pack.  The track was very rough and became difficult to pass.  Brad came home in 5th place.  Not ideal but far better than race 1.


So overall not the best day’s results for the team but points were gained.  It was a good practice for Brad on his two-stroke and it gave Liam a chance to see how fit he was ahead of the Maxxis in a fortnight’s time.  He decided to rest up for the next two weeks to consolidate his strength.

06 May 2019