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MX Nationals - Round 4 - Canada Heights - 2016


Round 4 of the MX Nationals took us back to Canada Heights in Kent.  It was a glorious weekend with the weather soaring towards 30 degrees.  There was a full day of club level racing on the Saturday followed by an untimed free practice for the Pro's at the close of the day.  Sunday only would be race day for the Pro's.

There was just Jake Millward competing for team Verde this weekend.  Brad was over in Czech competing in the EMX300 in the two stroke championship.  Jake currently sits 3rd in this championship, 24 points off 2nd place Lewis Tombs.


The track was dry but prepared well so despite the scorching weather there was little dust. Jake enjoyed the ride and looked pretty comfortable and quick going round.  However, it would be a very different track by the time the racing starts tomorrow.


Not a good qualification at all. The track didn't appear to have been graded from the night before and the jumps were left Greasy and rough. But qualifying in 13th place MX2 and getting a 24th gate pick out of the mixed MX1 and MX2 riders was the worst qualification that Jake has had all season. Getting a good start would now be so much more difficult and with the mixed class of 250 and 450 bikes a start would be so important, especially on such a narrow track.


Despite his gate pick Jake got a reasonable jump out of the gate.  The race was stacked with MX1 riders, 10 of whom we're out in front of Jake.  He soon sat in 5th place MX2 and stayed comfortably there throughout the race.  His speed today just wasn't up to catching the leading four in front?  This rough track and hot weather just weren't suiting Jake and he struggled to pick up the pace sufficiently to catch Tombs, Pocock, Barr and a Knight. So 5th MX2 in Moto 1.


Jake got another good jump out of the gate but got squashed right to the back of the mixed class pack on the first bend.  He managed to pull through the slower paced riders pretty quickly and soon sat in 8th place MX2.  Half way through the race Booker took a DNF and Jake finally found his way past Gilbert on this narrow track.  Davidson then started to tire and Jake moved up into 5th place MX2. Barr was comfortably out front and Pocock, Tombs and Knight were battling constantly form2nd, 3rd and 4th.  There was too much ground between Jake and this MX1 pack ahead.  So he finished the race once again 5th MX2.


Jake ended the day going 5-5 for 5th overall in the Pro MX2 class. His points had been hit but he still held on to his 3rd place in the championship.  However,  2nd place was now getting further out of reach and with only 2 rounds left to go, he was going to have to pull something out of the bag to not only catch Lewis Tombs who sits in 2nd but to defend and keep his 3rd place position.


Tough day today.  The hot weather and rough track got the better of me.


A disappointing days racing.  5th place is usually a very respectable finish but I know that Jake can ride A lot quicker than he did today and previous rounds in both the MX Nationals and the Maxxis have proved this on many an occasion.

It is a shame that Brad was unable to compete at this round of the Championship as it would have been interesting to see him battle with Irwin for the lead. He has been racing in the EMX300 in Europe but will be back full throttle for the final 2 rounds at Wake Colne and Hawkstone Park.

25 July 2016