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MX Nationals - Round 5 - Wakes Colne - 2016


Last weekend Brad Anderson returned to the MX Nationals and as promised, he shook up the days racing and messed with the championship standings.  The meeting was down at a new venue but pre-war historical track, Wakes Colne, Essex.  The track was Hard Pack, Blue and Fast.  It had been prepared well, so little dust but still not everybody’s cup of tea, especially our sand track riders.

The team relaxed on the Saturday night and had a fun evening together at the track.  Just what Brad and Jake needed prior to a competitive days racing!


Not as stacked a class as usual with many Pro riders injured as the season is coming to a close.  But still 22 Pro’s lined up, 12 MX2 and 10 MX1.  The track had been watered so it was wet for the first few laps of qualifying.  It was also a stony track with lots of the little beggars getting in the wrong places.

MX 2 Jake got a stone stuck in his foot peg which preyed on his mind for a good few laps.  As the track started to dry out, he freed it and managed to hang on to the back of Anderson and Irwin, slotting in a good time in this 12th lap.  This gave him 5th fastest MX1 and 11th gate pick in the mixed class.

MX 1 Brad too found the small stones get getting stuck everywhere but he soon got into the swing of things.  He moved into 1st place early on and slotted his fasted time in lap 10.  But unfortunately Elliot Banks Browne got an excellent time in minutes later and pushed Brad down to 2nd gate pick.  He was content with that.

Race 1:

MX 2 Not a fantastic start for Jake, mid pack but 4th MX2.  He found some good lines and was smooth as usual over the jumps but he got held up by an MX1 rider for the first few laps.  It was a narrow track and difficult to pass.  He has lost a lot of time whilst stuck and the three riders in front, Barr, Knight and Thombs were now getting away.  Lewis Thombs started to tire and Jake started to gain.  Then on the last lap, Brad Todd pushed hard and managed to pass Jake and pushed him back into 5th place MX2 to finish Moto 1.

MX 1 A great start to the race.  4th MX1 rider out the gate.  Jake Shipton got away and led the majority of the race.  Greame Irwin started to tire from injuries sustained the week before, so Brad moved into 3rd.  Then Elliot had a big off and Brad moved into a comfortable second.  There wasn’t enough to time to catch Jake who had now got away, so Brad settled for a comfortable 2nd place finish.  All he needed now was a good start to take the overall in race 2.

Race 2:

MX 2 Jake got a terrible jump out the gate and was right at the back of the mixed pack.  He pushed hard in the first lap and moved up 9 places, passing 6 other MX2 riders including Liam Knight, Rob Davidson and Jordan Divall.  But the rest had got away with the MX1 riders and try as he might, Jake just couldn’t catch the pack ahead.  As he took the last jump he had managed to close up on Carlton Husbands but just couldn’t make the pass in time before the chequered flag.  So Jake finished 6th place MX2 in Moto 2.

MX 1With Irwin and Banks-Browne out of the race due to injury the race was pretty much between Brad Anderson and Jake Shipton.  Jake got the lead and was out front to start with Brad close on his tail in 2nd.  They battled hard for the first half of the race with Brad moving into the lead and then Jake getting it back, on more than one occasion.  The track suited Jake Shipton more than the Ando and he finally pulled away.  Brad knew he couldn’t catch him so eased up and settled for a well deserved 2nd place finish and 2nd overall.


MX 2A consistent days riding from Jake and he ended up 5th overall.  However, the hard pack track wasn’t his cup of tea and his results were far from what we have been seeing early on in the season.  The last round is at Hawkstone Park, a good sand track and one of Jake’s favourites.  Liam Knight pipped Jake in the championship this weekend and pushed Jake down into 4th place.  Just 3 points apart, the race will be on for 3rd overall at Hawkstone on the 4th September.

MX1 Brad made an excellent come back to the MX Nationals and finished 2nd overall, moving up from 7th in the Championship to 5th place.  Having missed 2 out of the first 5 rounds, means that Brad is unable to catch Irwin who has now been crowned Championship winner.  However, 2nd place is still in sight and easily achievable at Hawkstone we know suits Brad down to the ground.

Brads Quote:

Not a bad day at Wakes Colne for the MX Nationals.  Had two 2nds for 2nd overall.  Would have preferred a 1st like.

Jakes Quote:

Got a couple of bad starts today which didn’t help.  The track wasn’t too nice and I just couldn’t catch some of the riders that I usually pass.  Hawkstone will be different.  My kind of track.

Adrian’s Quote:

A good solid days riding from Ando who always gives it 100%.  Jake was smooth and consistent as usual but wasn’t quite on his usual form.  We are hoping for better all round results at Preston Docks in the Maxxis next week and the last round of the MX Nationals which is at Hawkstone Park.  Both riders like and are suited to both tracks so the results should be spot on.

18 August 2016