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Pirelli British Masters - Round 4 - Preston Docks 05/07/2015

Pirelli British Masters - Preston Docks 05/07/2015

So we wild-carded the Pirelli British Masters this weekend joining it at it's fourth round in order to get in some serious race practice ahead of the British in September. The competition was held at Preston Docks where the track was very narrow, sandy and was pretty soft in places. The line-up was pretty stacked with the majority of the Maxxis contenders here except for the GP riders who were out in Sweden. We got some fabulous results with a MX1 major Hole Shot and a MX2 second place overall finish

Pro Qualifying:


Both MX1 and MX2 went out together, although they were only to be scored individually. A class line-up of Pro-Riders made up of the most capable to achieve a top 10 in the British Maxxis.


MX2 Jake knows this track pretty well and slotted in a pretty quick time in lap 4 and ended up with 4th MX2 in this timed qualification. However, as the group were to ride together his gate pick for the races was only 13. 


MX1Preston Docks is a relatively new track to Josh and this was only his second time riding here. Lap 4 was also good for Josh as he moved into 5th position MX1, but then as he set out for what would have been his fastest lap, he stalled the bike! The 15 minute practice didn't allow enough time for another so Josh got 8th gate pick, which considering the strong line-up, wasn't too bad.

Race 1:

With the MX1 and MX2 on the start gate together, it was tough for 250 riders!

MX2 Jake got a terrible start. He got squashed right to the back behind all the MX1 class (and a good few MX2 as well). The track was narrow making it hard for him to pass so for three quarters of the race he was blocked out and at the back of a pack of 6 mixed riders. Then 3 laps from the end of this 25 minute race, he found a way through, passed them all and moved back up to 5th place MX2. Unfortunately the gap was too large to catch with Dunn, Todd, Husbands and Clarke way out at the front leaving Jake to finish in 5th place.  

MX1Josh's start was better than Jake's although he was still only in 12th place round the first corner. It didn't take him long to find his gap through though and he moved into 9th place MX1 early on. Before long his was up into 7th with a short battle between him and MX2 rider Steven Clarke. He made a cheeky pass round Clarke but couldn't see Krestinov and Wilde who were ahead leaving him to settle for a comfortable 7th place MX1 finish.

Race 2:

Absolutely perfect starts for both lads - Verde Sports Racing had number 1 MX1 for the first 7 laps with Josh Spinks and number 1 MX2 for the first 10 laps with Jake Millward

MX2Jake's start might not have looked that good but not only was he 8th out of the gate of the mixed class of 450 and 250 riders, he was the first MX2 bike and he led this class by far. He was away chasing hard behind Kristian and Ashley. Jake kept up the MX2 lead for three quarters of the race battling from lap 10 onwards with Steven Clarke. But Clarkey saw a way through and took the lead leaving Jake with a well-deserved 2nd place finish and 2nd place overall for the day.

MX1Josh got a Hole Shot AGAIN - and he really did pick up the pace! His lap times were the best part of a second faster than seasoned Preston Docks Pro riders such as Brad Anderson, Martin Barr and Ashley Wilde. Josh kept a clear lead for the first 7 laps when Brad made his move, soon followed by Leok, Barr and Krestinov. A couple of mistakes cost him the dosh but this was an excellent ride for Josh and another massive step forward in Pro-Racing. Roll on Foxhills for the Maxxis in two week's time.


MX2Jake got overall 2nd but it was close, with two others sharing points. His second race was awesome but he needs to continue to work on his starts to show what he is really capable of achieving - Watch this space.

MX1Josh ended up with 6th overall which was pretty good considering the stacked class. This was only the second time Josh had rode Preston Docks and each time he has pulled a Hole Shot out of the bag. Each meeting is a learning curve for Josh as this is his first full season riding as a Pro. He has got the speed and the bike, he just needs a little more time to show off his capabilities.

Quote from Jake Millward:

'Loved the bike, loved the track. I felt like I was riding on air. A big thanks to Evotech and White Power UK  for my suspension and to Steve Clitheroe Tuning for my race engine. Just wish I had a better start in the first race!

Quote from Josh Spinks:

'...And to say I didn't like Preston Docks! Second time riding here and I've had two Hole Shots. Maybe I am a sand rider. Really enjoyed today - it was supposed to have been classed as a practice but it ended in an excellent result and a major ego boost. Roll on Foxhills, my favourite track.'

Quote from Adrian Kirk:

'Well, what was supposed to be a fun practice day turned out to be an excellent day's racing. Two mega starts and leads in the second race shows the speeds the riders are both capable of achieving. We now know what areas we need to work on before Foxhills and where we have potential of sitting in the Maxxis. Great morale boost today - we had fun on our home track and we were home with the truck before 5pm which was a refreshing change!'

07 July 2015