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Revo ACU British Championship R2 Lyng

Millwards ‘Verses’ the GP Boys

The ACU British Championship this weekend finally allowed spectators for the first time since 2019.  This 2nd Round was held at Cadders Hill in Lyng, Norfolk, an iconic sand track that attracted more than a hand full of top class GP riders.  Riders such as Jeffrey Herlings (Factory Red Bull KTM – AKA ‘The Bullet’), Ben Watson, Adam Sterry, Tommy Searle, Shaun Simpson, Dylan Walsh, Harri Kullas, Evgeny Bobryshev, mixed it up with the rest of the British MX1 riders, making it an excellent days racing for all.

MX1 – Jake Millward

Jake is back riding with Verde Substance KTM after a 3 year break and feels confident that this year will be the turning point in his career.  He loves the bike, feels comfortable with the team and has been putting in plenty of ‘pre-season training’.

Jake qualified 6th which suited him fine, just a split second behind Searle.  However, it was Race 1 that really showed the pace Jake is capable of.  He got a good jump out the gate and hauled up the start straight in 4th.  He was amongst all the GP riders whom switched about a bit for the first half of the race.  Walsh then crashed putting him back to 8th and Jake moved up to 3rd place behind Ben Watson (in 1st) and Jeffrey Herlings (in 2nd).  He was pushed hard by the chasing threesome of Adam Sterry, Tommy Searle and Harri Kullas but none could find away around him.  Then with 2 laps to go Jake stepped up the pace and pulled a comfortable gap, finishing an excellent 3rd place finish.

Race 2 wasn’t quite as straight forward and nerves on the start straight meant he set off with out his ‘Hole shot devise activated’, which left him in 12th place.  It was a tough, rough track and one that was extremely hard to make a pass on.  However, he managed to pick his way through riders one by one.  He was on the back wheel of Kullas as he approached the chequered flag but couldn’t quite make his move in time, meaning Jake finished a respectable 8th place in race 2.

Jake Millward 3 – 8 for 5th overall (and joint on points with Adam Sterry who finished 4th).

MX2 – Brad Anderson

Ando managed 6th place in qualification which he was more than happy with and his first race was awesome.  Brad got the Hole Shot and hauled up the Cadders Hill out front on his Two-Stroke KTM.  Mews soon made a move leaving Brad in a comfortable 2nd.  A mistake part way through the race saw Brad have a big off down into the Bomb Hole leaving his battered and bruise but Angry Ando jumped straight back up and charged after the pack.  Picking them off one by one he managed to finish in 6th place.

Race 2 was ok but his foot slipped off the foot peg in the sighting lap and his back ached from his ‘big off’.  He got a bad start sitting down in 10th but caught up to the pack, picking off a few to finish a respectable 8th place finish.  He was disappointed as he had hoped for a podium finish but positive going forward to the next round at Canada Heights.  So today at Lyng Brad Anderson got a 6 – 8 for a 7th overall finish.

MX2 – Jake Preston

Jake Preston, the newest member of the team is also new to the ACU British Championship Pro Class.  Having been sweeping the podium step in all the expert classes, moving up to the pro class was the next obvious move, but a massive jump all the same.

Jake was pleased with his performance today, especially as it was his first time racing at Lyng, a brutal sand track and a packed class of 40 riders.  He managed only 34th in Qualification but improved as the day went on.  Race 1 – 27th and Race 2 – an excellent 23rd.  So 27-23 for 27th Overall out of 40.  He would have liked to hit the points bracket but now feels confident looking ahead to the next round at Canada Heights in a couple of weeks time.

Team Manager, Adrian Kirk

It was a stressful start to the weekend with over half the team having ‘vehicle issues’ on the way down, but we managed to pull together to gain some good results on race day.  Jake Millward rode awesome in race 1, not buckling when put under pressure from Sterry and Searle.  Ando got the hole shot and miraculously managed a fantastic ride in his first race too, despite a massive off which most wouldn’t have managed a race recovery from.  Jake Preston also rode awesome.  First time racing this brutal track alongside a new level of talent could easily have knocked his confidence but he dug deep and made improvement in his 2nd race.  I feel confident for all the team going into Round 3 at Canada Heights.



24 July 2021