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Verde Bunker Liner


Verde 'V' Line Bunker Liner is a tough, durable white coloured artificial grass developed specifically to hold Bunker Sand in place. The grass is made from a course polypropylene yarn ensuring that the pile remains upright.  It is designed to sit in the base of the bunker, beneath the sand, holding it in place.


Verde 'V' Line Bunker Liner is also designed to prevent and reduce vermin damage as well as reducing stone, silt and clay contamination. The artificial grass has a free draining latex backing, allowing excellent drainage whilst keeping the silt at bay.  The Verde V' Line has a 20mm open pile and is typically supplied in bulk rolls which are 25.00m x 4.00m in size (100 sqm).

Verde 'V' Line Bunker Liner is designed to create the playing characteristics of a natural bunker, deading the golf ball when it lands and preventing it from bouncing back onto the green. Should the sand levels thin, the white tips of the grass will be discreetly exposed.  This still allows a shot to be played but alerts the staff that the sand needs slightly topping up.



  • Deadens Ball Bounce
  • Saves on Labour
  • Enables Continual Play When Sand Levels are Low
  • Minimises Sand Replacement
  • Reduces Contamination
  • Keeps Vermin at Bay
  • Discreetly Hightlights Low Spots


Please see Installation Guide here.

Technical Specification

Pile Height: 20mm
Colour: White
Gauge: 3/8
Width: 4m
Weight: 2 kg per square metre
Description: Open pile - sand infill needed for bunker
Yarn: Fibrillated Polypropylene
Guarantee: 5 years. Conditions apply
Life Expectancy: 10 years+ in the UK – subject to installation and application