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Super Verdegrass 11.00m x 0.23m

This is a heavyweight closely tufted long pile surface, well suited to situations of heavy traffic in public places such as parks, sports club corridors and locker rooms etc.

It makes excellent walkways in heavily trafficked areas and great in gardens and play areas, where the presence of sand may not be desirable.  Door mats, shed floors or in the back of your van.  The options are endless for this hard wearing product.  Super Verdegrass has recenlty become a firm favourite for indoor/outdoor sledge runs in gymnasiums.

This Special Offer is for a roll end of brand new material 11.00m X 0.23m which would be ideal for covering BOWLING GREEN BANKINGS.  We are currently having a Summer clear out and all small pieces must go to clear space for new stock. This is a bargain to be had. Sold as described.

Ref: 29146

Price £10.12


  • Golf Course Pathways
  • Balconies
  • Football Technical Boxes
  • Hotels
  • Bridges
  • Patios
  • Football Tunnels
  • Business Entrances
  • Steps
  • Lawns
  • Football Dug Out Areas
  • Public Houses


Requiring no sand infill, you either glue, spot adhere or loose lay over a hard solid surface – just like carpet. 

When fixing over an unbound surface such as crushed stone or soil, additional fixing around the edges is required to prevent movement (see installation guide).

Technical Specification

Pile Height: 12mm
Colour: Olive Green
Gauge: 3/16
Width: 2m or 4m or as described
Weight: 2.25 kg per square metre
Description: Dense knit–de–knit
Yarn: Fibrillated Polypropylene
Guarantee: 5 years. Conditions apply
Life Expectancy: 10 years+ in the UK – subject to installation and application