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Super Verdeluxe

This superior quality grass has a multi–length pile which is 45mm high and extremely hardwearing.

Not only does it provide the 'uncut' appearance for gardens, road verges and landscaping but it is also a top selling product for golf tees, football touchlines and other sports.


  • Lawns
  • Practice Areas
  • Landscaping
  • Football Touchlines
  • Road Verges
  • Golf Tees


Designed to be installed over an unbound compacted base with either sand or sand/rubber infill. We would normally recommend a dressing of sand (15kg/sq.metre) which will settle in the bottom of the pile and hold the product in place. In addition, you may want to dress Super Verdeluxe with an infill of rubber crumb (approx 8kg/sq.metre). This provides extra support for holding the pile upright, whilst also creating a softer feel underfoot. (see installation guide)

If used as a golf tee then the mixture of sand and rubber provides a synthetic tee that not only grips the tee peg in any position but allows the club to drive through the pile with no resistance.

Technical Specification

Pile Height: 45mm hybrid design
Colour: Two–Tone Green
Gauge: 3/8
Width: 2m or 4m
Weight: 3 kg per square metre
Description: A hybrid of knit–de–knit and monofilament yarns
Yarn: Polypropylene
Guarantee: 10 years. Conditions apply
Life Expectancy: 15 years+ in the UK – subject to installation and application