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Super Verdeturf 5.00m x 2.00m

Super Verdeturf has a closely tufted, finely fibrillated pile which provides an excellent practise putting surface exclusive to Verde. Not only is Super Verdeturf a popular surface for lawn conversions and home putting greens, it has also been used to create over 500 adventure golf courses throughout Europe. Its soft feel, hardwearing fibres and an optional sand infill provides a surface for a diverse range of applications.

This Special Offer is for a roll end of brand new material 5.00m X 2.00m. We are currently having a summer clear out and all small pieces must go to clear space for new stock. This is a bargain to be had.

Sold as described

Ref: 29408

Price £60.00


  • Lawns
  • Adventure Golf Courses
  • Bowling Green Banks
  • Balconies
  • Patios
  • Caravan Verandas
  • Practice Putting Greens
  • Swimming Pool Surrounds
  • Schools & Nurseries


Super Verdeturf has an optional sand dressing of between 8–12kg per sq.metre, depending on the application. 8kg for a lawn conversion, 12kg for a practice putting green, non for a low traffic roof garden. Can be fitted over a bound or unbound subbase (see installation guide).

Technical Specification

  • Pile Height:
  • Colour:
Olive Green
  • Gauge:
  • Width:
2m or 4m
  • Description:
Soft knit–de–knit
  • Yarn:
Finley Fibrillated Polypropylene
  • Guarantee:
7 years. Conditions apply
  • Life Expectancy:
10 years+ in the UK – subject to installation and application
  • Weight:
2 kg per square metre