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Verde Multi–Fix Adhesive

An 11kg two component polyurethane adhesive used mainly for seaming large joins. 

Approximate coverage – 10 sq.metres or 15–25 linear metres of seaming tape.

Data Sheet  |  Safety Data Sheet

Price £43.20


  • Verde Multi–Fix is a two part adhesive primarily designed for bonding artificial grass carpets to seam jointing tapes to produce a strong invisible joint along the carpet joins.
  • Can also be applied directly to a sub–base which may be constructed of rubber, concrete or asphalt.


  • Easy trowling
  • Low visibility on artificial grass
  • Strong durable bond
  • Solvent free non–flammable adhesive
  • Fast cure time
  • Versatile over 5–30C
  • Bonds generally far stronger than the materials used
  • Tolerates use in damp weather conditions
  • Recommended for use with Jointing Tape
  • Often specified for sports pitch installations