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Verde Tee Frame – Special

The Verde Tee Frame consists of an artificial turf mat enclosed in a metal frame with adjustable legs.  The Tee Frame is portable, durable and ideal for permanent, temporary and winter usage.  It may be moved to various positions to distribute wear on the tee and approaches.  The playing performance is similar to that of natural grass but required little maintenance giving long-term cost benefits. 

  • ** Two Star Verde Golf Mat
  • Left and right hand use - reversible for even wear
  • Replaceable crossed rubber grommets incorporated to grip wooden/plastic pegs which extends the mats life.  Option of slots instead of crossed rubber grommets available.  Ring to enquire.
  • Solid metal frame incorporates fully adjustable legs to compensate for uneven ground conditions
  • Protection of natural tees and approaches
  • Continued growth of grass under the frame
  • Cushioned surface for safe driving and natural feel
  • Provides and ideal teeing facility with or without using tee pegs
  • Easily moved for mowing or summer storage

Price £699.00

Technical Specification

The Verde Tee Frame consists of a steel frame with a secure but replaceable ** Two Star Verde Golf Mat. The mat is a top quality Wilton woven synthetic grass with an integral 10mm granulated rubber shock pad seated on a treated exterior quality plywood base.  The Driving Mat and base are securely bolted into the frame.  Fully adjustable telescopic legs permit accurate levelling.  All metal surfaces on the sturdy metal frame are powder coasted in green.  Six replaceable rubber grommets are inserted to grip standard wooded/plastic tee pegs. 

Standard sizes:  6ft x 4ft (1.85m x 1.22m)
Approximate weight:  100kg