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With a 20mm open pile this is the 'tough guy' of the bunch! Infilled with 20kg/sq.metre of kiln dried silica sand (block paving sand is excellent). It will provide a lawn for the kids to play football and the pets to run riot on, whilst remaining attractive for relaxation when the action is over!

Established over 30 years ago it has been installed on thousands of golf course pathways and private lawns.


  • Golf Course Pathways
  • Playgrounds
  • Road Verges
  • Football Touchlines and Dugouts
  • Lawn Conversions
  • Dog Runs
  • Kick About Areas
  • Tennis Courts
  • Bowling Green Ditches


Verdeturf requires a infill of kiln dried silica sand – approximately 20 kg per sq.metre. The sand holds the grass flat in place, protects the tufts and provides a hard wearing, natural looking product. Strongly recommended for lawn conversions or over crushed stone or soil bases (see installation guide).

Technical Specification

Pile Height: 20mm
Colour: Olive Green
Gauge: 3/8
Width: 2m or 4m
Weight: 2 kg per sq.metre
Description: Open pile – 20kg per sq.metre sand infill
Yarn: Fibrillated Polypropylene
Guarantee: 10 years. Conditions apply
Life Expectancy: 12 years+ in the UK – subject to installation and application