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Verde Sports Cricket

Since 1995 Verde Sports Cricket has been supplying and installing synthetic turf cricket facilities for all levels of cricket. Whether it be a match pitch for adult, youth or junior cricket or a single or multi lane facility the same level of quality and exacting standards are included in every installation or product. 
Drawing on the 30+ years of experience of director Peter Dury, former ECB non turf pitch consultant, projects can be designed to meet each individual client and site requirements. 
Experience of all systems and research advice can be sought on the design of new facilities or the renovation of existing, regardless of who undertook the initial installation. 
Two systems approved by the England and Wales Cricket Board are supplied plus alternative surfacing materials and products for solid bases both indoor and outdoor. 
Along with quality and honest advise, based on experience, all installations are supervised by experienced personel with a least five years, up to 25 years experience on synthetic cricket pitches and fine turf. 
At all stages of construction Quality Control procedures in excess of industry requirements are implemented, to ensure peace of mind for every customer.