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Pitch Systems

Two base designs are supplied, both of which carry England and Wales Cricket Boards approval when surfaced with the tried and tested SuperVerde surface, to provide a variation in playing characteristic for different types of use and to facilitate specific coaching. 

Test Match

The ''Test Match'' system (UK patent No. 2311730 B) comprises the tried and tested combination of a specialised hard porous aggregate over an angular stone foundation, maximum sizes 10mm to ensure an even surface on which to lay subsequent layers, and represent the most sophisticated design of its type in the market.  

Pace and bounce on the pitch is determined by the moisture and compaction in the base and changes as the prevailing climate varies during the season. 

The selected aggregates are isolated from the surrounding ground and each other by RBG tex to prevent mixing and worm infestation so maintaing the integrity over many years.  AP10 Shockpad protects the surface of the hard porous to reduce the effect of balls landing on the surface. 

If your looking for quality in this type of base design the ''Test Match''system is the only option. 



The ''Premier'' system replaces the angular stone foundation with a further man-made underlay laid between the specialised hard porous and the AP10 Shockpad. 

This reduces the variable element of the pitch providing consistent levels of bounce for all age groups throughout the season. With the ball able to grip in the layer the design is more receptive to spin and seam. 

As with the ''Test Match'' systems the aggregate is isolated by the use of RBG tex to prevent contamination.