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EMX2t - R6 - Imola Italy - 2019


Round 6 of the EMX2t in Imola and Brad Anderson went there sitting in 2nd place, 2 points behind Mike Kras.  The travelling had taken its toll on Brad in the last round in Latvia, so he came out to Italy, fully fit and determined to get the Red Plate back where we all believe it belongs.


Brad had an excellent start to the weekend going P1 in both Free Practice and Timed Qualification.  He was over half a second quicker than his rival Mike Kras which gave Brad the confidence he needed.


Race 1 on the Saturday afternoon, saw Brad get into trouble on the start straight, getting tagged by another rider.  He managed to keep the bike upright, but Kras had already managed to get ahead.  By the end of lap 1 Brad had moved up to 7th position and Kras was in 3rd.

Brad then came off on a slippery corner, damaged his brakes and dropped back to 9th.  He couldn’t settle and kept making small mistakes.  Meanwhile Kras had moved up to 2nd place with Kellett charging behind.  With 7 minutes to go, Ando moved up to 7th and Kras dropped back to 4th with Kellett and Deghi getting past him.  Three laps to go and Ando charged into 5th but luck didn’t go his way.  Kelletts gear box went, which allowed Kras to move back up to 3rd place.  Ando tried to catch the struggling Kellett but there weren’t sufficient laps left in the race.

So moto 1, Brad Anderson finished 5th and Mike Kras finished 3rd.  This gave Kras a 6 point lead over Brad going into Race 2.


A Perfect start to race 2.  Ando got the hole shot and went charging out at the front.  He kept the lead for the first 4 laps until Manual Lacopi made his way through.  Lacopi had entered as a wild card and had already won Moto 1.

However, Brad kept steady and remained in a comfortable 2nd place for the rest of the race, with no-one even closing in on him.  3rd place Deghi finished over half a minute behind Ando. 

However, it wasn’t all plane sailing.  Mike Kras had got a bad start coming off in lap 1 and had to fight his way back from 20th place.  By lap 6 he had moved into the top 10 and by lap 10 he had moved into 6th place.  This would have given Brad a 2 place lead over Kras but in the final lap, Kras managed to pass Andrea Gorini for 5th place.

So in Moto 2, Ando finished 2nd and Kras finished 5th.


Brad got a 5 – 2 for 3rd overall.  Kras got 2 – 6 for 4th overall.  This gave Brad just 2 more points than Kras this weekend, which meant that both Brad and Kras tie on 235 points.  Brad gets the Red Plate back but the two rivals will go to Turkey, for the final round, joint leaders.


I was gutted yesterday at getting 5th place, especially as I was feeling good and had good times in practice.  I just needed my luck to change and it did so today.  I got a better start and ended up 2nd which gave me 3rd overall and the Red Plate back.  Me and Kras are on joint points now going into the last round in Turkey.  So it’s game on now.  Let the best man win.


A great job done by Ando this weekend.  He has some back luck this season, with lots of 1st race crashes.  But he has got the Red Plate back where it belongs in time for the final round.


18 August 2019