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Beat The Hose Pipe Ban With Verde Artificial Grass

With a Verde Artificial Grass you can beat the hosepipe ban and you wont have the worry of your grass drying up in the sun. Children can play out, pets can run around in the garden, and adults can relax with a nice glass of wine! Verde Artificial Grass requires minimal maintenance. – No Weeding – No Feeding – No Mowing and more importantly NO WATERING ... lets beat the hose pipe ban! This low maintenance alternative means that you will be guaranteed a natural looking, green, luscious lawn every summer regardless of the weather. By replacing your lawn with an artificial alternative you won't need to worry about the threat of hosepipe bans, nor will you need to spend money on fertiliser and will also be able to get rid of your lawn mower. When considering what to do with the garden this summer, why not consider the artificial option?

22 March 2012