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Fairways Mat Solutions for Winter Golf

With a mild dry summer and an icy wet winter, the golf course fairways need protecting to ensure that play is allowed to continue.  This is extremely important, not only to the players, but clubs need winter revenue so the show must go on.

Verde launched their first fairway mat back in 1993, sold to Al Dhafra Golf Links in Abu Dhabi.  The course was played in desert conditions, so a portable mat for the sand fairway was an excellent solution.

Within a couple of years and a lot of hard work, this concept was transferred to the UK, obtaining a winter ruling for the use of fairway mats in bad conditions.  This enabled many clubs to remain open throughout the winter, ensuring the retention of members and continual play.

Verde have developed two successful fairway solutions, the original Porteemat and the Turf Protector.

The Porteemat is extremely popular this season.  The construction is of a very high quality, a driving mat without its foam backing but with a stiff resilient layer to keep it rigid.  Complete with a clip that allows you to fix it on to your golf bag or trolley, this top quality product is identical to the version which we used to get the R&A ruling some 20 plus years ago.  Some clubs provide them FOC with their membership, some charge deposits and hire them out (often making revenue from day one), and some simply sell them in the Pro Shop.

The Turf Protector is a budget version of the above, but has its own unique selling points.  The Turf Protector is manufactured with a Wilton Woven construction similar to our cricket surfaces.  It is extremely robust yet remains flexible.  As this product has no backing it allows the mat to follow the lie of the land and retains the natural playing characteristics that many golfers desire.  It is rollable and fits either in your pocket or your golf bag and comes complete with a pre-fused hole in the corner which allows it to be pinned to the ground to prevent movement whilst taking a shot.

Both products are supplied in two standards sizes, 12” X 6” and the more popular size 18” X 6” and both have central holes that a tee can be pushed into if required. 

Both mats are manufactured here in our Lancashire warehouse with Wilton Woven polypropylene fibres.  Quality is of upmost importance to Verde and after 23 years of providing fairway mats we have NEVER received a complaint.

06 December 2016